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The World Of Italo Disco Interviews

Dario.zg Disco Blog
This is one special link that I invite you to visit, it has nothing to do with Italo music, but I think that you might find it interesting...



Singers & Groups

Arrow Bad Boys Blue

Arrow C.C.Catch

Arrow Claudja Barry

Arrow Den Harrow

Arrow E.G.Daily

Arrow Fancy

Arrow Fresh Color

Arrow Gina T.

Arrow Kylie Minugue

Arrow Linda Jo Rizzo

Arrow Linda Jo Rizzo's restaurant

Arrow Mike Mareen

Arrow Patty Ryan

Arrow Paul Lekakis

Arrow Righiera

Arrow Sally Shapiro

Arrow Silent Circle

Arrow Spagna

Arrow The Twins

Arrow Thomas Anders



Italo Disco Sites

Arrow DiscoImperium

Arrow Eurodance Hits

Arrow HyperSound

Arrow I Venti d'Azzurro

Arrow Pzycro Net

Arrow Scheul

Arrow SpaceSynth

Arrow The World Of Italo Disco Interviews



Italo Vinyl/CD Shops



Arrow Melody Maker Records



Online Radios



Arrow Radio Den Haag (Netherlands)

Arrow Fantasy Radio (Netherlands) .

Arrow Italo Radio (Netherlands)

Arrow MNestor Says: SloveniaLive! (Slovenia)

Arrow Radio Internetnetowe (Poland)

Arrow Club 037

Arrow Discotheque 80's (Russia)

Arrow IDN (Italian Dance Network) (Italy)




Arrow Benvenuto Edizioni
Another label owned by Roby Benvenuto (remember Gringo?)

Arrow DWA Records
Label from Italy - Alexia, Savage, Double You

Arrow Saifam
Italo Disco label - Ken Laszlo, Radiorama

Arrow TIME Records
Famous Italian Italo Disco label

Arrow ZYX
I don't have to say much - everybody knows about it, but they have nothing on the site!