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  Copying Music From Audio CD To MP3


1. Insert audio CD into CD/DVD Rom. Now you need CD ripper, meaning program that will copy songs from audio CD to your hard disk in wav format and encode it into mp3. To do that choose AudioGrabber.

Insert audio CD into your drive. Run AudioGrabber. Click button MP3. Select MP3 file via intermediate wav file. Delete the wav file. Under "Internal encoder" select LameEnc.dll. Drag bitrate slider to at least 192, but I would reccomend 320 (bigger file, but better quality). Select Stereo and click OK.




Now tick big buttons in main window Norm. and MP3.




To choose where to store mp3s, click Settings > General Settings... > click Browse, select folder and click OK.



In main window tick songs that you wanna copy, write names of songs and singers. If it it original audio CD, click Freedb. If that CD is in database, it will write singer and songs names automatically.



That's it! Just click GRAB!, and you got your songs as MP3s after some time!



There are several options that you might wanna use, just explore this program, you will not regret it.


2. Second step is to run WinAmp and to listen to your new mp3s.