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  Copying Music From Record Or Tape To Audio CD 


Connect with cable outputof gramophone or tape player and input (line in) of soundblaster.

Gramophone output: XXX
Computer input (line in): XXX
Tape player: XXX Adapter: XXX


2. Click (or right click) small loudspeaker icon in system tray (it is positioned at right bottom corner of your monitor).



Search around and find Line in. Different versions of Windows have different way to do it, so look for it on your version of Windows or search for help on internet. Mark Line in as default (there might be microphone settings too). It means that you selected music source that will be connected to input of your soundblaster (line in).

Play song from record or tape. Run Cool Edit Pro. At the bottom of program doubleclick black space above the numbers or go to Options and mark Monitor VU Level. Than you'll see two green bars jumping according to the rhythm of the song, from left to right. Those are loudness indicators.



Notice digit 0. Tracks must jump till 0, but they must not reach 0 because you'll get sound witch will not be correct. If it goes over 0, you'll se red mark. Double click it in order to reset it.

Loudness on the gramophone or tape player must be set to the value when red tracks will come near 0, but not over it. I suggest that you set loudness in the way that tracks reach only -3. You're safe in this way. Now go to File > New and choose 44100, Stereo, 16 Bit.

Play the song that you wanna record from gramophone or tape player again - from the beginning, click Record button in Cool Edit Pro, and recording starts.



When recorded song is over and tracks didn't pass 0, you can save that song in certain folder in Windows PCM wav format.


3. Run Nero. Select Audio CD. Find wav files in right window and drag them to left window. When you reach CD/DVD limit, burn media.