Online Radio WinAmp




Backup you WinAmp Bookmarks if you already have some ( file in winAmp folder). Close WinAmp if it is running. Extract from this zip to one of next folders:

Up to version 5.35 > C:/Program Files/Winamp
after version 5.35 > C:/Documents and Settings/YourWindowsUsername/Application Data/Winamp

How to:
WinAmp here or above. Open it. Now run Windows Explorer and paste in Address: C:/Documents and Settings/YourWindowsUsername/Application Data/Winamp
Replace part YourWindowsUsername with your real username and write it properly! Press key Enter. Required folder has to be opened. If it doesn't open, you didn't write your username correctly. Try again.

If that doesn't help, go to Windows Explorer>Tools>Folder Options>View. Check "Show hidden files and folders" and uncheck "Hide protected operating system files". Now you can see all folders. Just go to C:/Documents and Settings, doubleclick your username folder, doubleclick Application Data (this folder is actually hidden by default), and doubleclick folder Winamp. Paste from opened zip file here. When asked to replace file click YES. Now you can restore those two options in Windows Explorer that you changed at the beggining so Application Data folder will be hidden again.

Usage: Run WinAmp. Open it's Media Library (Alt+L) and click Bookmarks. There it is, you have all of those stations. Unlike on playlist, station names will remain unchanged after every song. If you don't see stations, place to other mentioned folder.



[listen] [download]


If you click listen link, it will open WinAmp and you'll have all these stations in playlist window. Their names in playlist will change after every song (therefor it's better to download Bookmarks). If you click download link, you'll download zip file. Extract playlist from it and doubleclick it to listen to stations.





Discomania Radio

(128 kb/s)


Radio Internetowe

(128 kb/s)


Club 037

(96 kb/s)


Radio Italo4you

(256 kb/s)




IDN (Italian Dance Network)
(only brand new Italian dance music)
(128 kb/s)