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Added YouTube radio show #DiscoPassion vol. 26.

Added YouTube radio show #DiscoPassion vol. 25.

Added YouTube radio show #DiscoPassion vol. 24.

Added YouTube radio show #DiscoPassion vol. 23, guest: Marko Nestorović.

Added YouTube radio show #DiscoPassion vol. 22.

Added YouTube radio show #DiscoPassion vol. 21.

Added YouTube radio show #DiscoPassion vol. 20.

Added YouTube radio show #DiscoPassion vol. 19.

Into Movies > Documentary added movie about Disco music in Europe named The Untold Story Of Euro Disco (2017).
Here is the info:
"Although born in the US in the early '70s, it was in Europe where disco music developed in a feverish way. It took shape of pure, enjoyable and intoxicating music that traveled from Germany, France, and Italy to elsewhere in the world. A new figure becomes the soul of the genre - the engineering producers and their synthesizer. They were the real composers and designers of unforgettable hits. In an exciting reviving one-off, the audience will get an overview of the context, the visionaries and the artists who made Euro disco eternal, such as Giorgio Moroder, Donna Summer and ABBA."

Added YouTube radio show #DiscoPassion vol. 18.

Added YouTube radio show #DiscoPassion vol. 17.

Added YouTube radio show #DiscoPassion vol. 16.

Added YouTube radio show #DiscoPassion vol. 15.

Added YouTube radio show #DiscoPassion vol. 14.

Added YouTube radio show #DiscoPassion vol. 13.

Added YouTube radio show #DiscoPassion vol. 12.

Added YouTube radio show #DiscoPassion vol. 11 with guest Moulin Rouge (Matjaž Kosi).

There is a brand new book named Italo Disco by Raff Todesco. Check it up on link eBooks!

Added YouTube radio show #DiscoPassion vol. 10.

All web forms working again. Just write info that you have on page that has filelds to write, and I'll receive it on my e-mail, some of pages: Guestbook, Aliases, Lyrics...

Added YouTube radio show #DiscoPassion vol. 9 with guest Galactic Warriors (Maks Backes & Krunoslav Paić).

Added YouTube radio show #DiscoPassion vol. 8 with guest Amar Avdić.

After some really long period, I'm back, updating this site again, so stay tuned! ;)

Added YouTube radio show #DiscoPassion vol. 7 with guest Ivana Gordana Plevnik.

Added YouTube radio show #DiscoPassion vol. 6 with guest Nino Hrgović.

Added YouTube radio show #DiscoPassion vol. 5 with guest Marko Barić.

Added YouTube radio show #DiscoPassion vol. 4, tribute to Mike Mareen.

Added YouTube radio show #DiscoPassion vol. 3

Added YouTube radio show #DiscoPassion vol. 2

Added YouTube radio show #DiscoPassion vol. 1, tribute to Albert One (RIP).

Added lyrics by Barry Lane - Journey To The Moon.

Site's player moved to the top of the site.

Repainted page Movie...

Making changes in design, it was about a time to do it. Stay tuned...

The good and the bad news... The good news are that I updated list of remakes with many songs. It really surprised me, I always find more and more of it. The bad news is that you can't listen to it on the page yet. I'll upload those songs later...

Added YouTube radio show #DiscoPassion vol. 17.

Added YouTube radio show #DiscoPassion vol. 16.

Added YouTube radio show #DiscoPassion vol. 15.

Added YouTube radio show #DiscoPassion vol. 14.

Added YouTube radio show #DiscoPassion vol. 13.

Added YouTube radio show #DiscoPassion vol. 12.

Added YouTube radio show #DiscoPassion vol. 11 with guest Moulin Rouge (Matjaž Kosi).

There is a brand new book named Italo Disco by Raff Todesco. Check it up on link eBooks!

Added YouTube radio show #DiscoPassion vol. 10.

All web forms working again. Just write info that you have on page that has filelds to write, and I'll receive it on my e-mail, some of pages: Guestbook, Aliases, Lyrics...

Added YouTube radio show #DiscoPassion vol. 9 with guest Galactic Warriors (Maks Backes & Krunoslav Paić).

Added YouTube radio show #DiscoPassion vol. 8 with guest Amar Avdić.

After some really long period, I'm back, updating this site again, so stay tuned! ;)

Added YouTube radio show #DiscoPassion vol. 7 with guest Ivana Gordana Plevnik.

Added YouTube radio show #DiscoPassion vol. 6 with guest Nino Hrgović.

Added YouTube radio show #DiscoPassion vol. 5 with guest Marko Barić.

Added YouTube radio show #DiscoPassion vol. 4, tribute to Mike Mareen.

Added YouTube radio show #DiscoPassion vol. 3

Added YouTube radio show #DiscoPassion vol. 2

Added YouTube radio show #DiscoPassion vol. 1, tribute to Albert One (RIP).

Added lyrics by Barry Lane - Journey To The Moon.

Site's player moved to the top of the site.

Repainted page Movie...

Making changes in design, it was about a time to do it. Stay tuned...

The good and the bad news... The good news are that I updated list of remakes with many songs. It really surprised me, I always find more and more of it. The bad news is that you can't listen to it on the page yet. I'll upload those songs later...

Two new video interviews online - Scotch & Joe Yellow!!! Check it up at link Interviews > Video interviews.

Page Remakes (and originals) is finally near to be kind of complited. Now you can listen to almost all of songs that are mentioned there, only one is missing since I don't have it and it is Kuwait - Popcorn. If you have mp3, feel free to share it and I'll upload that one too. :) List is updated from time to time without writing here about it, so check it up from time to time if you're interested in this subject...

More technical improvement on this site! I always had an idea to put all of songs into one player and now we on the way to do it! So far you can click mp3 links on pages: MP3 Samples > HTML5 Player & download, Top 20 and Identify and you'll be able to listen to them by the player on the bottom of this site. Also all of mp3s from various pages are included in player's playlist so it's another way to run them. Eventually all of music will be played by that one player on the bottom! I wouldn't be able to implement this without help of my great friend, so THAAAAAAANK YOU KRESO!!!

Finnaly I got MP3 player to work as I wanted, thanks to my friends Kreso and Vedran! Now you can click "show/hide playlist" inside of a player and than the magic happens :) This was not an easy task to implement, but with a little help everything is possible. This player is important for this site since you have a chance to listen to music collection as soon as you enter. I hope to surprise you a bit more in the future...

Another Croatian Italo Disco Party - 19.9.2015.

Two new books about Italo Disco! The History Of Italo Disco and Italo Disco Story. It's the same book, the first one is in English and the second one in Italian... The author is Francesco Cataldo Verrina, there is a bunch of interesting stuff to read... You can find it on page eBooks. There is free part of books for you to read and if you liked it, there is also a link to a store where you can buy it. BTW whole page on this site with books is slightly redisigned...

Two more Star albums added on BRAVO link - both of them about Kim Wilde.

Remember German magazine BRAVO (you can't buy scans here) from 80's? We used to read(?) it and we found first information and pics about Italo music. I saved some material, so here it is. I'll be adding more material from time to time. If you were also in contact with that magazine, I think that it will be a pleasn't experience to remember it after all of these years. They didn't have much material on Italo, but what they did have, I present you. If you have something that I don't, feel free to send it to me ;) So in main menu look for the link BRAVO.

Added an ad for 13. Cro italo Disco party.

Now you can use new mp3 html5 player properly, buttons are working as they should be! And why I made it? Some visitors didn't want to have Flash player installed so they couldn't load my mp3 Flash player. I understand them, Flash technology is something to be avoided. HTML5 is a native html player, meaning you don't have to install anything in order to load it. Another reason is because I wanted you to have a player with Italo songs from 80's at first page.

Here we go with a new player on site. It's a HTML5 player (based on SoundManager2), so there is no need for flash anymore (yet, you can still use it, page MP3 Samples). You can also find small menu that was on first page so far on the page MP3 Samples. So, this was a bit complicated to do, but it works now (not yet as I would like it to).

So on main page you have a picure that you have to click in order to load player. That is because player consists of 0,5 MB and that would be too much for some of you to load each time (I guess so). So look at that picture at the bottom. There are bottons to play/pause, volume control, go back, go forward, open/close playlist. Remember their position since you will not see them in the player (server problems, ah...). I hope to solve this problem in the future. You have a little pic of those buttons on the left.

So you have loaded player. At the left of it there are two links: OPEN and CLOSE playlist. When you click OPEN, playlist will be shown. So click wanted song and listen to it. If you want to close playlist, click link CLOSE. I hope to have those options in the player in the future. That's it so far, I'll be making it better in the future. Enjoy it! :)


Flyer added - big Italo Disco concert in Brescia, Italy - 7.5.2016!

New mp3 player added. Actually player is a part of your browser so each browser has a bit different player. Under the main menu on the left side you should always be able see red letters PLAYER. If you don't see it, click refresh in your browser or press F5 key. Or restart browser. There are several pages on this site with mp3 music, so please go to the each page with music and press F5 (pages with flash player don't have anything to do with this HTML5 player). You can test it on this page. So now when you click link to some song, player under the menu should play it. If it doesn't play, but new tab opens - you forgot to press F5 key in order to refresh it - to load a new version of page. I'm still testing that player so it doesn't look nice, but I think that I'll be able to make a proper one in the future... When you don't need it anymore, above the player you have link [Close]. Click it in order to close this player.

New movie uploaded: Agnetha: ABBA & After [2013]. You can find it on page Movie > Movies about Disco music. Soon I'll upload more movies about Abba. Also did some visual changes on various pages...

New page is online now. I was wondering how many songs in Italo Disco and High Energy are covers of some other songs, so I started searching for some data. Result of it you can find on page "Remakes". You can listen to all those songs in player built in Firefox, Chrome and Opera. There might be some mistake in collected data, so if you find some, let me know. Also you can tell me if you know some other songs that I didn't put on the page so far... Enjoy listening and discovering connection between Italo, Hi-NRG and other musical genres :)

Hello my friends, best whishes to all of you and your families!!! We start this year in a best possible way - read interview with great Hi NRG composer - Bobby Orlando!!!

Pages will be redesigned, but only a bit. So far only a few of them, still testing... I also repaired mail forms on pages Guestbook and Identify. It hasn't been working for some longer time and I didn't know about it. Now it's working fine.

Added a few more pages in menu. Yet, I haven't finished them, so you'll have to wait for some time to check them up. Also some new colour style in a menu. It has been the same for years now, so it deserved a bit of refreshment. :)

New update - free album by Space Sound Records - Space Holidays Vol. 6 and new cover version by Linda Jo Rizzo - USSR.

Fixed links for all 80's samples, you can listen to or download all songs now, click here.

Good news for all of you guys who were asking me about downloading 80's mp3 samples. From today both ways work - Flash player and html links to download. Yet, some links do not work, it will be fixed next time when I make a whole new list.

Hey people, I didn't have much time for update far a loooong time, whole last year, but I'll catch up with previous releases and I'll also keep on publishing new ones (I hope). Today I present you one maxi single by Jaco (Ken Laszlo) -Hey Operator and two compilations - Sensation records and Out records. Both of them have one new song that wasn't published before. I'll be also using newer technology from now on - I made a player in new tab for you to listen to some song when you click the link, it works in Firefox and Chrome..

Ad for 11th Croatian Italo Disco Party.

After a longer period here we go again with updates! A special one this time - I offer you six movies about (Italo) Disco music to watch online or to download. Go to link Movies in main menu, and than choose link Disco movies. The other part of movies section are a few mins from movies were our kind of music is soundtrack. Check that one too if you haven't done it so far...

New update - free album by Space Sound Records - Space Holidays Vol. 5 and maxi single Sir J & Joey Mauro - Rainy.

New extended versions and remixes of well known old songs added to the site (in high quality): Lala - Johnny Johnny, Electra - Cuando Cuando and Optimal - Kimi Gazuki.

New records added: ItaLove & TQ - Rhythm Of Love, Italobox - My Dream and M-Energy Brothers - Rent.

Another three new records from well known performers: Ken Laszlo - S.O.S., Brian Ice - Lost Tonight and Mention - Dreams.

DISCO DANCE PARTY, 11.10.2013., 20 sati, Zagreb, upad & cuga - 50 kn, uplate unaprijed, opširnije o svemu ovdje, vidimo se...

Sad news, Marzio Dance DJ died at age 59. Rest in peace Marzio, we will keep on with your music!

You can listen to full duration samples of Savage's song Save Me. I also added two more versions available only in MP3 format.

Another three new records added: Lenroy - Do You, Larabell - Passion and Magic System DJ - Inside.

Three new records added: Savage - Save Me in remix versions, Dyva - Forever Love and Victor Ark - One More Time.

Check up new video by Linda Jo Rizzo & TQ - Out Of The Shadows (on the top of ths page). There is also an interview with TQ if you wanna find out more about her...

Mistery about famous unknown song is finally solved, it's not Dancing Duke - Dancing Duke or Soviet - Dancing In My Fantasy, it's Joe Car - Dancing Dode!!!

A major update of Guest book page. Thank you very much for making comments and for suggesting what to do next. This really helps me as feedback information so that I know that someone really uses the content of this site. It gives me much pleasure to update it since I know that you're gonna enjoy it. Also feel free to say if you don't like something here, that's also valuable information...

Great updates: TQ - Let's Go To Tokyo, Italove - Follow Me To Mexico and Synthetic Dream - Man From Another Planet. Last song is by a friend of mine, Marijan. That song is still unpublished, but most likely it will appear on some Space Synth compilation.

Pages Midi Files, Facebook & Database edited.

Page Cro Music refreshed and upgrated with some rare songs from Croatia and our neighboring countries. There are two sections now: CroItalo (80's) and CroDance (90's). Both of those styles have mp3 and video players.

Page Identify refreshed a bit, also fixed broken link to still unknown Italo song, I wonder when shall will we get correct info... Page MP3 Samples is refreshed and working now.

Last few years I was updating this site only with new music and the rest of the site was "frozen" for a long time. I decided to refresh and upgrade all of it. As a first change I removed Chat page since it was useless and now I'm introducing Forums page. There are a few forums in different languages listed there so I hope that you'll find the one that you're gonna like and use. I didn't recreate my forum since I have no time to be admin there.

New Year's present for you, free mp3s: double CD Space Holidays and Psy - Gangnam Style in Italo version.

It present you two new albums: Sandra - Stay In Touch and Chito - The Game Is Worth A Candle. Sandra finally has a proper Italo rhythm :)

It is my pleasure to announce that today this site has been online for 14 years, it all started back in 1998. because I was unhappy with sites devoted to Italo Disco at the time. There were just a few of them with not many of content to read, so I decided to make a site myself and to build it with all that I would like to see and to read. So here we are after 14 years! I hope that you'll keep on visiting and I hope that I'll have some more time to regularly update it with new stuff. If you have a suggestion how to improve it, feel free to send me e-mail to

Many news this time: Angie Gold and new album NRG Diva, Fred Ventura - Don't Stop, Italove - Strangers In The Night & No Fear, Alan Brando - One More Time, Tommy Sun - Love Beach, Mirko Hirsch - All The Night & Rainy Day In Moskow "In The Night", D.J. Savage - Help Me & When We In Illusion, Bandido's Gang - Marinche & Last Train To Tucumcari, Pet Shop Boys - Certain Je Ne Sais Quoi.

Two maxis added: Ryan Paris - Parisien Girl (Five4It versions), Tom Hooker & Miki Chieregato - No Elevation.

A bunch of new songs after this summer, but I have no time to prepare material for all of them now, but I'll do it soon. Today two new albums: From Russia With Italo Disco and D.J. Savage - Help Me. Also a new maxi by Amaya - Sensation & Tropical Heat. Also added full versions of some songs from previously published records.

Two albums and one maxi in this update: Siberian Heat - Mystic Time, From Russia With Italo Disco 2, Lady Gaga - Bad Romance & Poker Face (Special Italo Disco Versions).

This update is very special. I present you four last almums by Bobby Orlando: Outside The Inside, Bright Nothing World, Social Contact Theory and Primitive Primal Scream. Also there is a new album by Trans-X named HI-NRG. At the end there is a cover version of Colder Than Ice by Krubo Feat. Stevie Dee.

hree new records to be presented to you: Elen Cora - Powerful Little Things, Riccardo Campa - The Witch & Shadows Of Memory and Squash Gang - Hey You (What's Coming On Along The Way) & In The Discotheque (1986 Unreleased Version).

fter some longer period I finally updated 2K Flash Player with brand new Italo songs, so if you use it, now you have all of new songs in one playlist. If you haven't seen it so far, check it out.

Added full duration samples of Gazebo - Ladies (80s Instrumental Remix), Male Room - Now That I'm A Man, Riccardo Campa - Looking For A Way Out, Peter Aresti - Latina Angel.

his update is all about Russian stuff: new song by Siberian Heat - Just Say Hello and two compilation CDs published in Russia with various new songs - Russian Mix and From Russia With Italo Disco. If you don't listen to records, here is a chance to buy new songs in digital format.

wo albums: Galactic Warriors - Return To Atlantis - new duo from Croatia :) & Riccardo Campa - The Italian Way and one maxi added: Alba & Fred Ventura - Without You. MP3s are also available to buy, great!

nother round of updates: Geoege Aaron - World Is Out & Russian Ladies, Peter Aresti (Arcade) - album Love Is The Answer: Le Parole, Kalevala, Italo Disco (Remix), Latina Angel, Skygods, Are You Still Dancing

ploaded sample of Fred Ventura & Sally Shapiro - Alice (Wizard Mix), it's a great version!

ix newer maxis from Flashback added: Dyva - Harsh Wind & Joy, Fred Ventura & Sally Shapiro - Alice, Tom Hooker - Change Your Mind, The Flashback Band - Celebration, Modo - With Or Witout You, Albert One - Stay.

dded full duration samples of a few new songs.

nother round of catching up, this time I present you newer Iventi releases: Siberian Heat & Elen Cora and their album Number One, Queen Michi, Gazebo, Luis, Silver Boy, Loopside (Miko Mission), Antilles, Paul Parker and Venti Compilation Vol. 2. It's a really a nice collection of new songs!

inally I caught some free time to update the site. I'm very late with publishing some new songs, so here are two oldest maxis. I guess that you know about them, but if you don't - check them out: Mode-One - Sometimes, I Will Never Say Goodbye and Lost In My Dreams and new name Magic System D.J. - Irene, I Wanna Touch Your Body Now and Love Me Again.

o far you had a chance to listen to two songs by Galactic Warriors only on YouTube. Many paople asked me where to buy their two songs. Since they are so nice people, now they share them with you for free! So enjoy Galactic Warriors - Space Forces and Galactic Forces & Laser Dance - You & Me (New Mix). You can also expect their new album named Lost Planet soon, I'll publish the samples here!

ew mp3 album by Trans-X with 21 version of L. O. V. 2011 (or Living On Video). Some of versions are really nice...

inally we have a chance to listen to new album by Mirko Hirsch - Obsession. And it is as good as I expected it to be. That's the way to go Mirko! This is a CD release only and it will cost you 10$.

Added full duration sample - Mirko Hirsch - Love Hurts.

Three new maxis presented: Andy Romano - Every Time Feel Allright - P-E-R-F-E-C-T!!!, Mikrofisch - Mauro Farina (yes, that's the name of the song, not mistake) - G-R-E-A-T & FREE!!! and Salta & Roma - Spacecruising.

Since I don't have time to update your Fan Club profiles manually, I transfered the whole thing on Facebook. So from now on there is International Italo Disco Fan Club and Croatian Italo Disco Fan Club. Choose the one according to the language and join us! So far I met some really nice Italo fans and we became real friends. You can do the same, just give it a chance. There will be many Italo singers on the group soon :) See you there!!!

Full duration samples added - Miko Mission and Trans-X!

lenty of new music, just take your time and enjoy it. Can you believe it, now there are new songs by Miko Mission And Trans-X??! Awsome!!! So I present you: Siberian Heat - Sorry, Miko Mision - Let It Be Love, Trans-X - I Want To Be With You Tonight, How Long Last Love, Mirko Hirsch - Love Hurts, Best Of Friends, Fred Ventura - Theme From Deep (Alden Tyrell 2010 Rework). Also a new album by Fockefulf 190, but that stuff is not Italo in my opinion. You can listen to it at

wo Space Disco albums free to download as New Year's gift: Space Holidays Vol. 1 & Space Holidays Vol. 2. Enjoy it! :)

And all the best to all of you in 2011!!! I hope that you'll keep on visiting this site next year too, I'll give my best to catch some time and use it to update it frequently... keep on italoing :) Italo4ever!!!

ig Italo revival night in Greece in legendary disco club Barbarella (29.12.2010).

wo more songs added, they are free FREE to download - your Christmas gift. One is a new one - Galactic Warriors - Space Patrol Orion. Here is their info: Max is Croatian, 36, and he lives in Germany. He heard on the radio some Italo Disco songs that he liked tremendously and so it all started. He was mostly fascinated by Koto & Laserdance. For years he was working as a D.J., collecting Italo Disco records, and the late nineties he started producing music. He used an Amiga 1200 with MusicX and OctaMed software and played on a Roland Alpha Juno1, but sounds were not good so it all boiled down to just a hobby. A month ago him and his longtime friend Kruno started a new project named Galactic Warriors. Kruno is 41, he lives in Croatia and also composes Space Music. Via Skype they exchanged informations and opinions, and soon there was the first song named Space Patrol Orion. Now they are working on another song and they aim to make the entire album. Galactic Warriors (as a hardware) use CPU AMD Phenom II X6 1055T BOX, Roland Juno-106, Roland JV-80 with expansion board VINTAGE SYNTH, Numark DM 1775A Digital Sampler, JBL Control 5, AKG K-240, Sennheiser MKH405, software: Fruity Loops 9.0, VSTi and SoundFonts., Another single is by Night Fox - Endless Night. It's not new, but it is kind of unknown, so here it is!

25 years of Silent Circle. And retrospective album named 25 Years - An Anniversary Album. Among others there are two unpublished songs. One of them is Italo - Don't Ask Me Why, and other is not. Also there is DJ Special Mix from 90's and I published it too. Their older songs you can find in 80's section.

Digimax Feat. Marisa Machado - Wet Dreams in two versions added. I can't find any information where to buy it, so I guess that it's free. Available to download here. It's a very nice song!

New record by Clay Pedrini. One song is named Ocean and the other one Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde - sounds familiar, doesn't it? :) I present you three versions of Ocean. First version is original and in my opinion it is the best one (if you ignore guitars), and other two are not that dynamic, but they are OK. It's nice to see that Clay is active after so many years. He also had a live performace recently...
And a small note - I removed two links from main menu (MP3 Samples and 2K Italo Disco) and they are now at the bottom of main page. It should be easier to find mp3 players, download samples and find recent Italo production this way... Also there is Chat page now on the main menu instead of Forum. I'm not sure why, but Forum is now disabled... Maybe in the future I'll link some other forum there...

Three more singles presented here! Released in 2005, 2007 and 2010. I recently discovered Russian ex band Night Fox. You can enjoy their beautiful song Tears Of Love and two more - I Can't Live Without You and Only Love. All of them FREE to download! It's really hard to find some info on them, I found something only at Russian forums. Bodies Without Organs (BWO) released Sunshine In The Rain even in 2005! I had no idea. Original version is an average Eurodance song, but Tobias Bernstrup made Italo Disco version. And that one is excellent! It's enough to say that when I listen to my mp3-player during the rainy days, it always makes me smile. It's full of positive energy, check out video too, it's interesting because it's kind of weird... BTW, I have to play this song (with video) to my 2 year old daughter every morning, before I go to work. Nina is really hooked on it :) And the last one released a few days ago is Mirko Hirsch - Turn Me On. It's taken from his forthcoming album Obsession and it's FREE just for you!

And one more FREE Siberian Heat release! Songs are named In Your City and Angel's Heart. In Your City enters my top five for 2010! FYI, members of Siberian Heat are composer Vitaly Polozov and our Russian disco queen Elen Cora as a singer. If you like their songs, you might consider a small (or bigger :)) donation since they have to pay for studio expences and afterwards share their work for free. Group's homepage is and here is a page for donation (link copied from their site). And here are two videos:

Another AA-sided maxi single by Elen Cora - Tightrope Dancer and No Less No More. Again, it's a FREE one! Enjoy it!

Maxi version of Flute Cries by Siberian Heat added for you to download! P-E-R-F-E-C-T song!!!

Two more albums. Maxi by Siberian Heat - Flute Cries - they still share their music for FREE! The singer is a lady that you know of if you visit my site regularely - our dear Elen Cora.
And compilation of new songs by Space Sound Records. Listen to the new songs: Marc Fruttero - Miracle Of Love, Elen Cora - Sleeping In Your Hands (it was already presented at this site and it's free to download), Mirko Hirsch - All The Night & Fire, Riccardo Campa - Mistress Of My Heart & Delantero, Eddy Huntington - Warsaw In The Night, Galaxy Hunter - Running High, Retronic Voice - Menace To Society & The Awakening, Tiziana Rivale - Take Me In Your Arms & Don't Be Alone, Vision Talk - Wave My Last Goodbye, Armando Ferro - Stay Late With Me Tonight. Do not miss All The Night, classic '86 style!!! And the best of all, this album is not expensive, only 10$, check it up!

dded full duration samples: Alan Cook - Don't Give Up, Resiste Amor and Around My Dream; Andy Romano - Again Tonight and Don't Run Away. Listen to them on link NG Italo Disco on the main menu.

arc Fruttero has a new website. Visit him at Soon I'll publish his new song with some others on new Italo compilation.

New stuff from Grant Miller! Actually, kind of... You can listen now to Grant Miller Megamix 2010 - four versions plus California Train 2010. It would be nice to hear something new from him. It has been tried to contact Grant but I don't think that he will sing again due to objective reasons, I can't talk about it here. Yet, I hope that I'm wrong...

Added full duration samples: Alan Cook - Don't Give Up and Jerry Moon - Red Shoes.

ven five new records: Ryan Paris - I Wanna Love You Once Again, Alan Cook - Don't Give Up, Monika Novak - Lane Of My Love, Mention - No Changes, Jerry Moon - Red Shoes. The best one is by Ryan Paris, but others are fine too. And stay tuned, soon I'll publish more!

New video to download added Wish Key - Easy Way (Live).

New video to download added Stacey Q - I Love You.

New interview published! Find out more about Simona Zaninni (Moon Ray/Raggio Di Luna, Doctor's Cat, Topo & Roby, Radiorama, Diana Barton, Barbie...)

After some longer time new video added: Rose - Magic Carillon (RAI Live).

ideo by The Twins - Love System available for download on Videoclips page.

dded full samples by Marylinn - Solo Mio & Let Me Stay and Marc & Susy - Fly Me To The Moon & In My Mind.

ew video added Mike Mareen - Here I Am.

New video added Sweet Connection - Need Your Passion (Live).

ew video added Silent Circle - Moonlight Affair (Live).

Added full samples: Closed, Mirko Hirsch and Marc & Susy.

whole bunch of new songs were published recently. Check up all nine records on this page: Tiziana Rivale - Telephone and Daily Dream, Andy Romano - Don't Run Away and Again Tonight, Marc Fruttero - Disco Siliva and Nineteen Eighties Songs, Susy - In My Mind, Susy & Marc - Fly Me To The Moon, Mirko Hirsch - Fire, Marylinn - Only Mine (Solo Mio) and Let Me Stay, Andy Romano - Tommorow You Don't Know and Lady Of Fire, Closed - Crazy Love and Don't Stop Moving, James Manoro - Another Lie. Enjoy!

Video by London Boys - Harlem Desire available for download on Videoclips page.

New video added Trans-X - 3-D Dance.

Added full samples: Mode-One - Til The End and In The Heat Of The Night.

New single by George Aaron named Fear! Great song! There is also a new compilation by Iventi named Venti 20 Compilation. It is published on CD, so if you don't care about records, here is your chance to get many songs!

dded full duration samples by Roby & Claudia.

Video by Close - Livin' In Your Eyes '09 available for download on Videoclips page. New song by Roby & Claudia - I Love You (But Do You Love Me?). It is B side of new record. A side is song Stay. It is out now so you can buy it... Mode-One - In The Heat Of The Night and 'Til The End is also published! I didn't have time to update last month, sorry. From now on it should be regular again!

ideo by Close - Livin' In Your Eyes available for download on Videoclips page.

New song by Roby (singer from Dyva) & Claudia - Stay. Soon to be published for FlashBack Records...

ideo by Close - Crazy Love available for download on Videoclips page.

nother new record by 23rd Underpass - You'll Never Know and Sometimes. Those songs are kind of average. Also top of Intro page rearanged a bit and I fixed broken links for online radio stations. Added covers for Paul Parker and Savage.

I'm sure that you haven't been expecting this, but here it is - a new song by Paul Parker - Don't Stop (HI NRG Remix). Enjoy the mixure of Megatron Man and Menergy plus Paul's voice :)

Video by Savage - Twothousandnine available for download on Videoclips page.

New video by Savage - Twothousandnine on intro page, Italo version of video that I made and original video with Euro version. Soon available for download..

New song by Savage - Twothousandnine! There are several versions, but one and only - Italo version!

One correction, both new songs from Spain are by Mode One. Yet, Irene from Daydream sings in Til' The End Of Time...

Uploaded samples for Daydream - Til The End and Mode One - In the Heat Of The Night.

New video uploaded Righeira - Vamos A La Playa. Soon samples with two new Italo songs from Spain: Daydream - Til The End and Mode One - In the Heat Of The Night! Added full duration samples by Squash Gang - When I Close My Eyes and Tell Me Why!

I'm back from vacation, so here we go, new song by Closed - Crazy Love. This song is perfect!!! Don't just believe me, better listen to it and enjoy! New video uploaded Koto - Jabdah. Added longer sample Squash Gang - When I Close My Eyes. And small note - Eddy Huntington is going to represent Norway on Eurovision. Can't tell you anything about the song but it's not Italo. Yet, it will be nice to see him live after all those years. More about it here. And once more - don't forget to listen to CLOSED!!!

As I promised - news about new concert in Budapest (Hungary) on 09.10.2009. For more info click here. You can watch performing Linda Jo Rizzo, Fancy and Bad Boys Blue. I hope to be there so see ya!!!
New Andy Romano again! This time it's demo version of song Every Time Feel Allright and I have no idea when will it be published. This one is major-hit for me!!! Just listen to it and enjoy. Bravo Andy!!! Finally one song with old effects - voice sampling like in Working Girl or Who's Your Boyfriend. Seems like Bobby O style :)
The other record is Dario - All The Night. Song is made in Time Records style and everything is fine but to me it's boring, melody is not exciting at all. Maybe you'll like it more...
I'm going to seaside for three weeks so no updates during that period...
Added full samples of Eddy Huntington - Love For Russia.
Video uploaded Latin Lover - Casanova Action.

Finally those two records that I mentioned before are released. So now you have a chance to buy Andy Romano - Run To Love/Stay With You and Squash Gang - When I Close My Eyes/Tell Me Why.

Bad news for you guys who wanted to go to the Italo concert in France. They sold only about 20 tickets in advance so it was better to give up... And a hint for you who live close to Hungary - after summer there will be Italo concert, but more about it next time... And naturally - new video uploaded Jessica - Like A Burning Star.

New video uploaded Hazell Dean - Who's Leaving Who.

Finally new song by Eddy Huntington - Love for Russia uploaded! Enjoy! There is also new record by Sandro Oliva named Rose of Tokyo with his old songs from 80's. Also new video added Francesco Napoli - Balla Balla.

Last time I wrote that you can listen to stage and forgot to upload :) So now you can listen to Stage - I Can't Get You Out Of My Mind. Another High Energy hit by Andy Romano - Run To Love. It is not published yet and I have no idea where and when it will be published. So be patient since it is great song! And the last one. Recently I received e-mail from singer named Bimbo Boy with link to his latest song Boy Loves Boy so here it is. There are three version, but I published the one that has Italo sound - Vision Talk Remix. Lyrics are like sequel of Hey Hey Guy...

Two new records with well known singers for I Venti Records and Delivery Records: Eddy Huntington - Eddy Huntington – Love for Russia/Love and Stage - I Can't Get You Out Of My Mind. You can listen to Stage, and you'll have to wait for Eddy a bit more. Actually song by stage is not new, it is new version of old song, but this time without too much of guitars. Very nice melody! Old version you can find here. New video uploaded - Eddy Huntington - U.S.S.R.
Also one announcement - Italo Disco Party in France - Albert One, Fred Ventura and Felli. Check up the flyer...

Brian Ice "in action". LOL, I never expected to see this :) Yet, it's from his new movie, check up the trailer here...

New video uploaded Donna Summer - Hot Stuff. And info - Savage will have a new song Where Is The Light? for DWA records. He sent me a message:
Ciao friend, it is old style Italo Disco but with some new sound. Great site ! thank you !
Let's hope that it will sound fine...

New stuff again! Finally we have a chance to get new maxi by Riccardo Campa - already released Desperado on Flashback Vol. 2 CD and one nice new song Casanova. There is also new album by Vision Talk named Dirty Italo Disco. Why ditry? Because the style is not pure Italo. The sound is nice but other stuff... Listen for yourself, you might like it. And new crazy video Scotch - Disco Band.

Hey Italo gang, here is something that you haven't been expecting I guess. Soon you'll be able to get a new maxi by Squash Gang!!! Recently they had a concert in Spain (with other Italo artists from Spain) so maybe that was inspiration for new songs... So here we have two short samples. When I Close My Eyes is simply masterpiece, great! And Tell Me Why is good song but just like many others... And new nice song by Andy Romano - Stay With You. I don't know yet when will it be published, I gotta ask him and then I'll let you know... Enjoy new Italo music! And new video uploaded Martinelli - Cenerentola.

New video to download - Laskoviy May - Belye Rozy. And just a small note for those who want to buy new Ken Laszlo because of Hey Hey Guy '83. This version is copied from Sandro Oliva's old tape and it wasn't edited nowdays in studio. It sounds like they even didn't do normalization. Weird! So the quality is... You can imagine... Not perfect as it was supposed to be!!! And yet good for tape twenty years old... And quality of A side could have been better. It's not that bad as B side, but there is something wrong too...

Again a new gift for you! Elen Cora has new maxi with two songs Over Time and This Love (Is More Than A Feeling). Listen to the music in Over Time, it's perfect, like Farina's production. This is great maxi, and you'll get it agin for free thanks to Elen! Now we wait for her LP with group Siberian Heat. I heared one song so far named Sorry and I can tell you that you will not be dissapointed :) It's perfect!

New video to download - Fred Ventura - The Years (Live). Fixed download link for video Lee Marrow - Sayonara.

New video to download - Savage - Only You.

New video to download - Lucia - Marinero (Live Jlb Studio '85).

Another video to download - Silent Circle - Stop The Rain (Formel Eins). Added full duration samples of Ken Laszlo's songs.

New awesome song by Ken Laszlo - Dancing Forever!!! Listen to the lyrics, it is similar to Peter's last song, it also talks about Italo fans, but this is not nostalgic but happy song. It's really interesting song, I didn't like it when I heared it for the first time, but I kept on listening and after six times it became really great! It's nice to hear this old, familiar voice :). B side is Hey Hey Guy from 1983! This sounds really older than version from 1984. Nice surprise! And new video to download Sister Sister - Blue Night In Alcatraz.

New video to download Savage - Don't Cry Tonight.

New Italo song by new Italo label - Dreamtrack Diamond Sound. Song Meltdown is not what you would expect, meaning, it's kind of modern version of Italo Disco production. Very nice, I can't get it out of my head :) And Holdin' Out is classical song. I think that you'll like it too... And a few words to you from producers of this maxi:
Dreamtrak - Based in North London in the UK, The label is run by a dedicated team of Italo Disco fans. We also run a recording studio and hold a monthly Synthesizer dance party called "Dreamtrak Diamond Nights". "Meltdown/Holdin' Out" is the first Dreamtrak release, recorded and mixed in house at Dreamtrak Studios. Hopefully we will be putting out further Italo influenced tracks on the back of this one.
Valerio Loveland - From Centocelle, Rome. Valerio was discovered performing in a nightclub by the Dreamtrak team. The team thought he would be perfect for the tracks Holdin' Out and Meltdown and invited him over to London to sing on them. When in the studio the team and Valerio all realised this was going to be a great record. We are currently trying to get Valerio back over to London for some performances!

And now something special for you: I hope that all of you so far found out about new song by Peter Arcade named Italo Disco [listen]. This song is very special not only because of great music but also because of unique lyrics. So I asked Peter to write a few words for you since this song is devoted to you - all of Italo Disco fans - the best people that you can meet according to my experience. So Peter wrote following:

The starting point is that, as you know, we have thousands of italo hits talking about sentimental stories that all the fans (that i prefer to call "believers" and "daydreamers") used and still listen to, so I wanted, for once, to compose a song talking about them, and the style itself; that is talking also about me, 'cause i had the luck to be on both sides as a fan and, later, as an artist. :-) A song that describes the moments of those that were teenagers during the original "golden age" (in the 80es) and that are still here, after more than 25 years, sharing the same sensations; that tells how "believers" and the "storytellers" (the artists) are stars of the same sky. The lyrics of "Italo disco" themselve explains it all:


Here we are, once again
All together, in our magical dreams, we believe
That it won’t be over
From every part, of the world
We are all united –
Italo disco is playing louder

In our eyes, there’s the sight
Of the sunny seasons, and our heart plays the beat
Of forgotten feelings,
No, they don’t know, what it means
An eternal promise –
They’ll never know what it means to love one

When we feel lonely
A song will bring back every single face – every single place!
We are the only
We are the children from another time
From the outer space

As the record starts to spin
You can feel the shivers
Cause the sound gets deep within
Electronic quivers
When the strobo starts to blink
You move in slow motion
Though your memories come back fast
Italo disco emotions!

Here we are
Listening to – sentimental music
Romantic words, poems that rhyme
Celebrating lovers
Time passing by, but somehow
We are still teenagers
Holding each other as on our first date

And we stare
To the sea, to the thundering ocean
Hoping for someone to come
But it never happens
So you just write on the sand, wishing they could read it
“I love you” but the tide quickly wipes it

Lets start to party
And one more time, release our energy
Let the future be
This is our message
Just living life in perfect harmony
With the melody
Inside us

As the record starts to spin
You can feel the shivers
Cause the sound gets deep within
Electronic quivers
When the strobo starts to blink
You move in slow motion
Though your memories come back fast
Italo disco emotions!

As the record starts to spin
You spin on the dancefloor
And the sound gets deep within
But you still ask for more
When the melody begins
Then you catch the fever
So you know one thing for sure
You will live forever!


You will also find, on the backsleeve of the record, the following personal dedication that expresses the concept:


Best regards, Peter Arcade


All videos have been reuploaded so that you can download any of them if you want to. Also new one added - David Lyme - Bambina. This is Eurodance version, Italo version is really hard to find. If you have it, send me link and I will post it here...

Italo Disco party in Venice on 7.3.2009! Performers are The Twins, George Aaron, Gazebo, Memory 80 and Belen Thomas. More info on

Another CD by Fred Ventura is out! Actually for some time... It consists of some of his old songs in combination with new ones made in cooperation with other artists. Some of the songs were already presented here, and someare here for the first time. New interesting song is I'm Not Ready. When I heared it, I was confused - is it Fred or Bobby O?! Yes, it's Fred but using Bobby O style. Since Fred said that he is big Bobby O fan, this shouldn't be surprise. I can hear elements from at least three songs by Bobby O in this one - She Has A Way, Shoot Your Shot, Calling All Boys... Very nice, maybe refrain melody might be a bit more interesting. Other new songs are City Of Destiny and I Cut My Heart Out. City Of Destiny is unusually happy for Fred. I didn't expect it, his style is more sadish so this is something new. And I Cut My Heart Out. I Cut This Song Out. You can forget about this one, I suppose that this one was CD filler, it lasts for 8.48. Silence would have been much better choice...

New video to download Divine - You Think You're A Man.

New video to download Wish Key - Orient Express.

didn't have to wait for a long time to hear new maxi by (now known to you) Elen Cora. If you don't know what I'm talking about, check her previous single. This time she has two songs for us in several versions. And yes, again you got her music for FREE, great, thanks Elen!!! Call Me is very catchy song, nice vocal and nice production. Sleeping In Your Hands is based on low tempo Space Disco sound. And again there is very nice melody. This time I wanted to inform you a bit more about her work, so here it is. Do your homework and read it :)

Elen Cora was born on february 2nd 1985. in beautiful SIBERIAN city - Krasnoyarsk (RUSSIA) as Elena Korennykh Valentinovna to her parents Galina and Valentin Korennykh. She has one brother - Alexei Korennykh, who lives in America (San-Francisco). First song was written by Elen (alias Elen Cora) when she was 11 years old. She took vocal lessons when she was 14. After school her parents told that she has to go to the UNIVERSITY, but after 4 semesters she left highschool and all her time was devoted to the MUSIC!!! Almost all of songs by Elen are in English because her favourite artists are Modern Talking, C.C.Catch, Sandra, Enigma... She was listening to their songs and her dream was to sing like Sandra and C.C.Catch... To sing in English and to be so famous like they are... But what we are talking about... oh, naturally... Elen gave the concerts, wrote her own songs and sang in bands where she was lead-singer. It's all what she wanted from her life!!! First group where she sang was named ECLIPSE, it was just the beginning. There were two girls. But the passion to grow was too strong and after one demo album she started singing in more successful project Non-stop, incl. again 2 persons - Elen Cora and Victor Nezamaev. During this time Elen also took part in club project Kids of rain, incl. Elen, naturally, DJ Vankor and some dancers. It was great club music, and with this group Elen gave her first concert in the night club!!! After Non-stop and Kids of rain, after few yers, she took part in Hop-hop & Lounge project TRILOBIT, incl. 3 persons - Elen, Vasily Kirshenkov and Katja Shahmatova. But this project was over soon! Also Elen always sang as a solo-singer because she has so many her own songs!!! In 2007 she began to sing in the most successful, than all her old projects, band SIBERIAN HEAT! It is the DISCO project with wonderful old-style (Italo Disco) music!

is with us again with new CD named Forever Magic! Actually there are two versions of this album, all of songs are the same but bonus. First one is published in Germany and it has two old remixed songs as bonus. Another one is published in Russia and it has some new bad song as bonus. I can mention a few interesting songs. Flames Of Love is kind of weird this time, it is half in English and half in Russian. Actually very bad Russian :), it is very hard to understand the lyrics, I really wonder who told him how to sing it. Yet, it has some charm, it's the same as when Italians sing in bad English... The best song that lasts only 2.27 is Forever Magic. It makes me wanna dance to it every time I hear it, just like Love Spy does. Some parts are stolen from some Eurodance songs from 90's... This song is really great, can't stop listening to it! Little Juliet is very interesting because of something typical. Check up what is it. A Voice In The Dark - also great song, maxi is already released, I'll upload it soon. Do I have to say that remixed Go Cha Cha and Wait By The Radio are also something to enjoy in? So this CD has something that was expected from Fancy - very nice and catchy melodies that make you wanna sing along. I have to mention worst song ever that Fancy published - I'm Your Bodyguard. I really can't believe it. Is it a Turkish folk song or what??? Hm... I have no idea what was it that he wanted to achieve with this one. Strange... Anyway, it nice to hear that Fancy is active again. Now we wait for Forever Magic maxi single. Untill than, enjoy this album!

And sad news at the end - RIP Mike Francis. He died on 30.1.2009. after a long illness.
Real name: Francesco Puccioni (April 26th, 1961. - January 30th, 2009.) homepage

video to download P. Lion - Dreams.

video to download Paul Paul - Good Times.

video to download New Baccara - Fantasy Boy.

Records CD compilation Presence Of The Past Vol. 2 is out! So what do we have here. Fred Ventura - I Want You Back is usually good. Yet, the last song that was masterpiece was Memories. After that single songs are fine but that's it - just fine. I hope to hear some perfection from Fred again... Tiziana Rivale - Ash is also nice song. It is easy to get used to it after a few listenings. Felli - Shadows Of The Night... One word - perfection! New song by Riccardo Campa - Desperado. It's not yet on vynil, only on this CD. I like it very much, yet it's not as good as Another Day and Madness... Dyva - My Love. Can guys from Dyva go wrong? I don't think so! Their music is really something! Peter Arcade is presented with song The Fairytale. Another reallly good song, but I prefer A side of the same recod - song with intresting title - Italo Disco. Then Bruno Mosti - Music Of My Star. Hm... This song confuses me. I like it a bit and then I don't wanna listen to it. And my opinion changes all the time. Strange... George aaron - Heaven - one of the best songs in last few years. Great!! Then Patty - My Name Is Patty - was it supposed to sound like Sabrina? I guess. This song has some really nice parts but I simply can't stand those guitars. Horrible! Hey producers, this is Italo Disco! Wrong instrument for this kind of music! And the last song Karl Otto & Joey Mauro - Come Into My Dream. It's OK but something is wrong here. Seems like some instrument is a bit late and it makes it out of sync. Actually it's not, but it is just my impression. It also happens in some other songs that Joey Mauro made... So that's it, if you don't want to buy records, this is a chance to buy a CD.

video to download Eddy Huntington - Up & Down.

video to download Mike Mareen - Love Spy (Live In Disco).