WinAmp homepage:

WinAmp can change the way it looks. WinAmp crew call it "Skins". There is OK looking skin which is default, but there is always better than the best. Just click picture (skin) you like on this page or go to official WinAmp Skins page, download skin you like and put it in folder:


64 bit: C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp\Skins\(skin name)


32 bit: C:\Program Files\WinAmp\Skins\(skin name)


Skins on this page are packed in self-extracting file. Click on the picture to download the skin file. When you run it, just click "Unzip".

Combination of keys Alt+S allows you to view and chose all skins you have.

*** Did you know? ***
Font of songs names in "Playlist" is 10 by default. That's not easy readable. So go to Options > Preferences > Display. Playlist font size is 10. I recommend to set it to 14.


Italo Disco Green Skin
Loadspeakers Power Plug-in
Italo Disco Golden Skin


Download "Italo Disco Green Skin"


Download "Loadspeakers"


Download this plug-in and you got yourself nice pair of loadspeakers. After you install it, use keys Ctrl+K. Visualization is opened. Click Power Plugin v1.0. You got it. I reccomend you to check up button Configure. Here you can choose number of speakers you want to be active and some other things. Now when you did everything, click Ctrl+Shift+K to run loadspeakers.

If you want loadspeakers to turn on automatically when you play music, hit Ctrl+P and mark the checkbox next to Auto execute visualization plug-in on play.

*** Notice ***
will not get here presented skin for WinAmp, you will get only loadspeakers.


Download "Italo Disco Golden Skin"