Since you're sending me mails with impressions about this site, I decided to put them here. You can say whatever you think about this site, and I would be very glad if you suggest that something should be added, changed, removed and similar.

When I started creating these pages, I had an idea to make our site, not mine. So let's join forces and try to make it GREAT!

Thank you for sending me impressions about this site, it gives me more energy to keep on updating it! I would only ask you to write in English (plus your language if you wish). Many people don't understand much of any other language than English.



Claudio from Argentina

Comment: I love Italo Disco..., artist. I want to see them in Argentina..., when they will come by here?

Ali from Turkey

Comment: Thank you very much for all your shares. I hope you will renew all the music in 320 kbps, 32 kbps quality because it does not understand very bad.

alenmilky > Thinking about it, in the future all of songs from 80's will be in 128 kbps...

Enric from Spain

Comment: I'm from Barcelona. I remember those days, when every week a new hit, a wonderful song came from Milano's studios in Italy. Radiorama, Den Harrow, Savage, Albert One, Brian Ice, Silver Pozzoli,....what days. They are part of my live. I still feel like the first time, in my first Institute's Party, when I heard for first time Miko Mission's hit: "The world is you", and the mytical sentences "en Barcelona yo tengo corrida en la plaza de toros... I've discovered recently the Discotek 80 Moskow concerts (available in YouTube), with these Italo monsters singing 30 years later, in a full of people stadium enjoying this music in Moscow.
Amazin Job for this Site!!!

Edwin from Canada

Comment: I've been coming here for years and I will be for as long as its up. This is the single greastest collection of italo-disco I've found. I started listening to italo-disco when I was 16, here I am 24 still listening and this site has let me do that! Keep up this great collection. Your 1979-1988 MP3 radio is perfection!

Og from USA

Comment: Great site!!! Great information and interviews.. Where can i get a list of the most important Italo-Disco radiostations on the net?

Alen: use link Online Radio

Discovios from Greece

Comment: Excellent site. The beggin and the end.......

Nikos from Greece

Comment: Dear Alen, this is for sure one of the best sites for italo-disco music. For one year italo disco has its revival period for Greece, as the 80`s revival started in 98! I would like you to give me some help on the dld of the videos. Again i say that this is a great job u do thank u!

Alen > You have to open account on 4shared in order to download videos, that's all...

GJaime Gabriele from USA

Comment: Great site Alen! Keep the rythym of the 80's flowing! By the way everyone check out these sites as well for some disco: - - - www.the cybernetic broadcasting

Kind regards from los angeles,

Jaime "outsider85"

**** from Italy

Comment: Hi, very good site. I collect italo and euro disco videos. I have more than 1000 italo ed euro disco videos, and i'm looking for people who want to trade with me videos. If you are interest to trade with me send me a mail [email protected] Bye!

Eve from Finland

Comment: I've had this cassette since forever I can remember and found it in one of my parents work cars when I was a kid... I've been wondering forever what hell is this good music that's on it until today for the very first time after pretty much 22 years of listening that cassette I know what's in it- italo disco! There are no covers or print on the cassette anymore and the only words I could make out of the whole thing is "passion mix" and " mix 4" I'm currently hunting down the songs in youtube what they are and thanks to THIS SITE I think I'm able to find out what and who's on it!! So keep up the good work and long lives italo disco!!

Kruger from South Africa

Comment: Great Site - well done...Italo / Hi Energy live forever...
Good News...We created a Record Company to bring tribute to the best songs of the 80"s Italo / Hi Energy...
We will try and release the songs as close as possible to the original with modernised electronic synths and pads and strong new vocals as not to disrespect the original best ever released versions...thanx to this site for helping with our research and will credit the site and all Italo lovers when remixes released...

Upcoming releases February 2012:

Krubo feat: Raymond Ray - Oh Lamour 2012 [Krubo Reboot Remixes]
Krubo feat: Venessa - Helpless 2012[Krubo Italo Reboot Remixes]
Krubo feat: Stephen - Colder than Ice 2012[Krubo Italo Reboot Remixes]
Krubo Feat: Mignon - False Alarm 2012 [Krubo Hi Energy Reboot Remixes]

Will keep you updated and relive the Italo golden years...and please keep the site going...respect...

Oscar from Spain

Comment: Felicidades!!! tienes una pagina excelente!! gracias por hacer la vida mas facil a los demas.

Anders Rydéne from Sweden

Comment: My name is Anders. It´s a very nice page you have done, I think. I have a question maby you can answer. I wonder how to do if I want to write something in the guestbook. Thanks. Greetings

Alen > just the way you did :)

Polilla mix dj from Mexico

Comment: Felicidades des de merida yucata.

Zudana Hozdic from USA

Comment: Hi Alen, I can't bevive how meny people you have to support you and your web site all around the freaking world man ! Guy's keep it up with good work.


A za sve ostale iz CRO,Bosne,Yuge decki pa i vi sirite dole Italo Fan Club's.


Kapa from Germany

Comment: Great Site !!!! ITALO DISCO 4 EVER !!!!!!!

Peter Arcade from Italy

Comment: Great job, Alen! :-)

Kosta from Republic of Srpska - BiH

Comment: Finally I found the site I've been looking for. This is great! I'm a very big fan of italodisco. Keep going, congratulations!!!

Dorian Gray from Greece

Comment: Hey folks.... that's a GREAT WORK here!!! Keep on this really nice work! have fun!!! Love from Greece!!!

Rob from Sweden

Comment: Wow! Excellent site you have here. Must have taken very much time and hard work. Nicely done :)
2 things i've noticed:
* My favorite MyMine single is missing (Hypnotic Tango)
* Kylie Minogue - Can't get you out of my head doesn't really belong on your otherwise awsome playlist :)

Keep up the great work!!

Cheers from Sweden

Alen > rebuilding site these days, I accept your suggestion, tnx!

East sympathetic chord Holland from China

Comment: I like these musics, you may share these MV and the picture with me? If your have these material please to contact with me, I will feel grateful extremely [email protected]

Tony Renzo from Netherlands

Comment: Hi freaks, if you want to listen to great italotracks check fantasy radio and request allmost 24 hours a day you're favorite italo / high energy / dance classics. or check our programs.

Robert from Croatia

Comment: Thank you for this great site! I freely can say, it's the best on the Net which is occupied with this kind of music. Italo is for me absolutely the best music of all times! I really hope this site will NEVER go offline and I invite all Italo Disco fans to visit and support this fantastic site! Greeting to all Italo fans all over the world!
Robert from Zagreb-Croatia

Beata from Hungary

Comment: Hi! Congratulation your great site!

Satu from Sweden

Comment: WoW!! I´m impressed!! Very nice site! You´ve done a great job! I´ll absolute be back! Many Hugs!

P.S. Where can I find "Latinlover"´s video:Dr Love!? Can you help me?

Alen > Nope, sorry, I haven't seen it...

Dejan from Serbia

Comment: Super fine site. I love the Italo Disco, the best music all time.

Gianni from England

Comment: Best italo site ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorin from Romania

Comment: I didn't even hope to find such a stunning and well organized site featuring lots of songs I enjoyed and loved as an adolescent. Great job, mate! Congrats and thank you for such a wonderful music.

Italojunkie (Cor) from Netherlands

Comment: Hi Alen, great site! I like the cro dance section too!


Box from Srbija

Comment: Daso,ovo je jedan od najkompletnijih Italo-disco sajtova koje sam posetio u zadnjih godinu dana! Nazalost, tek sada se javljam po prvi put ali razlog je samo jedan; navijao sam sinoc za Hrvatsku svim srcem i kada je pao go u 118 min. skocio sam sa rajom ko da je go zabila Srbija... A onda `ono` sve nadalje. Ocekivao sam vas bar do polufinala... Savet; leci se i zaleci jel imas cime-tu je stari, dobri ITALO DISCO! Pozdrav

3select Dee-Jays from Austria

Comment: Hy, 3select Dee-Jays like ITALODISCO since the 80´s!
Respect - very great site, we love it!
3select Dee-Jays

Aris from Greece

Comment: The site is amazing!!! I'm only 17 years old and i always here that kind of music.. Music that i never lived.. Italo-Disco The BEST!!!

Manos from Greece

Comment: This site is very good...!!!!!!!!!! Could you please put in flash mp3 player more italo disco 80s like (Lift Up - Diamonds never made a lady, Yvonne Koomen - Last night, Peter & the wolf - Peter & the wolf, Bolland & bolland - Imagination and many others.....)??? People must learn more about italo disco 80s.... Please look this......

Alen > I know about those songs, I'll upload, thx for the tip!

Kärry from Sweden

Comment: Italo Disco rouls the world. What a nice site for us italofans. I have listen to italo since the bigining of the 80 th and I just love this kind of music. If anybody have same songs they recomend pleac e-mail me as soon as possible. keep on dancing to Italo.

master_xur from Serbia

Comment: Excellent site.... U need more video clips... I`ve more than 4Gb collected from all over the net... Can I upload them somewhere for u?

Puno pozdrava.....

Alen > I have more video clips and I'll be uploading them in the future, thx!

Katsou from Hellas

Comment: Unique!!! Excellent in any way, thank you for your inspiration and your complete knowledge base of this scene. I like disco music since I was 3 years old and I already own a lot of albums of that era.. Thank you for this wonderful website.


Tate from USA

Comment: Ups on the site!! It's the best and a very good tool to use when buying italo records online. Thanks!!

Nexius from Germany

Comment: Hi,Thanx for this great Site!! Italo Disco is a Religion!

Branko from BIH

Comment: Tako rade pravi majstori - svaka cast!

Akikaze from Netherlands

Comment: I am impressed with your site. I love the lyrics and midi parts. I made a few Italo songs in my early twenties like "The flying Dutchman", inspired by Cyber People, but you can listen to my synth music on

George from Greece

Comment: Hi... I want to trade songs and videos from italo disco music.please send me to my e-mail your list to [email protected]

Helen from Greece

Comment: Your site my friend is something more than excellent!!! It includes everything one wants to find!!!! Despite the fact that i'm too young-22 to 23 - I have listened italodisco since I was a child and that's because of my uncle's cassetes!! Anyway, we loooooove this music!!!!! Play it loud guys!!!!! We had transix some weeks ago in Athens, and now... Albert One!!! (anyway,could you find a way that allows us to download the mp3s without disconnecting? And,by the way, theres a problem about the downloading of videoclips, because the programms you advise us to use play only the first video by Radiorama!! Am i doing something wrong? Please help me!!!) (Why DYVA is not on the list? Haven't you any of the great songs?) Thank you for your patience!!!

Alen > I'm not sure about disconnecting while downloading, please send me e-mail with more info. Considering videos - check it up now, I wrote a tip how to get a playlist. Dyva is on the list with new Italo production.

Misko from Croatia

Comment: Great page!!!

Alfonso Skorza from México, Tenochtitlán

Comment: Este es un excelente sitio, he buscado mucho en la red y encontré al mejor sitio de todos, felicidades, espero que lo mantengan. En México este género lo mantiene PolyMarchs y Patrick Miller, entre otros.En el 2005, Mike Mareen visitó México, lo presentó Winners, una disco móvil muy reconocida, por fortuna estuve presente en su show.

The best of the best site. Congratulations.

Hubert from Estonia

Comment: Its a nice site, and i will give some italo rares away! But i little struggle to swap music files here! So maybe somebody can help me! [email protected]

Dav from France

Comment: Great site in particular the link which provide a great Netherland online Italo Disco radio.

Richard Caethoven from England

Comment: This site is a real gem - make no mistake. Some of the stuff here is as rare as hens teeth. Keep up the great work and keep Hi NRG alive. The disco dream is here to stay. Dedicated to Sylvester and Miki Zone of Man 2 Man

Dj Isfan from USA

Comment: I feel so blessed to have grown up to such beautiful High Energy music. Your site is a testament to all of us who live it. Thank you for your dedication!!! I would be proud to place your banner on my old school site >>

Clint from USA

Comment: If anybody wants to trade italo disco... please email me and we can arrange to trade either thru aim or yahoo messenger. I have over 700 songs from the 80's... email me for list if u are interested in trading.

[email protected]

thank you

Carlos dj from Peru

Comment: Al fin una pagina q estaba buscando hace mucho tiempo,soy fanatico del Italo Disco. Es un genero q se escucho aqullos 80s ,90s. Me gusta especialmente MODERN TALKING, DEN HARROW, FANCY, GAZEBO, SAVAGE....

Manystylz from France/US

Comment: Great work on this website !! Thank you for all the goodies !! Much respect to you !

Amadeus from Greece

Comment: Hi there great site with cool appearence. Keep on, u re not alone! Italodisco forever!!!

Ljubomir from Bácska

Comment: Great site! Odlican site!

Chris Rees from Londonish UK

Comment: Supercool site just like Italo Disco music in general! Oh yeh and I like the MP3 samples, very handy. Keep up the good work..... Yehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh \o/

Clarinex from Earth

Comment: I was so surprised to see your website.

Mike from Serbia and Montenegro

Comment: By this site, many people can expand our love to this speciffic music style... great, excelent..

Daniel from USA pero soy mexicano

Comment: Yo pienso que el italo es a sido y sera la musica de todos los tiempos. Siempre y cuando gente como yo la gente que escrive aqui y sobre todo el gran PATRICK MILLER suigan regalandonos todos esos grandes eventos high enertgy. Bueno pues a toda la gente que quiera hacer algun comentario a cerca de la misica high espero sus correos a gabby [email protected]

Igor from Slovenia

Comment: Pozdrav iz Slovenije. Vrlo dobra inernet stran. Ima puno informacija o italo disco muziki. Ima puno fanova italo dancea i u Sloveniji.


Mauricio from Brazil


Enrique from Mexico city

Comment: Very good nice nice nice congratulations

Massimiliano from New York City

Comment: I'm from New York City, The Disco Music Capital of the World. Growing up NYC in the 80's was great. I grew up listening to mostly Disco, Freestyle and other Dance music from the 80's. Being Italian I would often travel to Rome Italy to visit family, I remember hearing some different tips of dance songs on the radio. "Italo Disco" different from what was being played here in NYC. I also remember hearing a few Italo Disco songs being played here on the radio back in the 80's. Songs like "Color My Love" by Fun Fun on 92 KTU FM & Mike Mareen's "Love Spy" on HOT 103 FM. Years later with the technology of computers and the internet I was able to find and download all those old songs from the 80's I remembered and love. And I also did some research and finding out more about this music called Italo Disco which I like. So far I got about 50 Italo Disco songs. I found many great songs I have never heard before that I enjoy listening to.
Great web site, Ciao Massimo

Angello coelho dj. from Mexico

Comment: Que gusto saber que en todo el mundo se escuche aun en estas fechas un genero que tan solo el escucharlo se pone la piel china, no se que decirles pero en lo personal y se que la mayoria de ustedes esto es un estilo de vida...

Ztarfajter from Sweden

Comment: Great website.. Loves it, Loves Italo. Keep up the good work.

Michale from USA

Comment: Excellent selection of music that made up the soundtrack of my youth. Thank you for your efforts.

Nelson from USA

Comment: Good page site, congratulations.

Imroko from Macedonia

Comment: Hi, great site. Here Roko from Macedonia. Please, all italo fans... visit my web site
p.s. I`m looking for song SANFOX from early 80`s.

DJ BBWFreaky from Croatia

Comment: Thanks for your good effort. I needed a list of Italodisco hits so I can go download them and your lists were very helpful. I was pretty young at the time and my older cousins were going out to discos and I liked their cds and tapes so I wanted to collect a few songs for me and to remind my family of their good times.
Grazie mille!!!

Ciprian from Romania

Comment: Hello. You and all lovers of the gold 80's. Your site is a good ideas for all. Site design is excellent, data contents the same. Overall 10+. Go ahead!

Chris from USA

Comment: I'm glad I found this site, it's helped me alot with infos from the past to current releases. One of the Best site ever created. If Tina Ha ever reads this please contact me [email protected]

Dr.moz from Egypt

Comment: I love italodico the best music ever made , I hear the songs of italodisco even in my dreams great to have italodisco in our life.

George from Australia

Comment: Top site, I love it,have to be the best italo site on the net. Lots of info too, good design, easy to follow site. Cool. George-Melbourne-Australia

Kolega from Mexico City

Comment: I was simply fascinated by this site, the best I have seen in a long time, really appreciate the effort made in this site to keep moving Italo Disco and Hi NRG despite the time, Alen congratulations and greetings to all followers around the world

Eduard-Petru from Romania

Comment: Hello, big kisses and hugs to all new romantics-fans !!! ...and to owner of this site, too !!!

Rolf from Switzerland

Comment: Great Site!!!! I'm a huge C. C. Catch Fan, and of course C. C. is included here on the site. Check:, Kiss, C. C. Catch dances forever

Kalyan from India

Comment: I am looking for lyrics of this song "L'Affair - Secret Eyes". Greatly appreciated any help .. :)

Alen > Sorry, I don't have it.

Joey from USA

Comment: Thank you ... for your hard work Alen, on this wonderful site and tons of italo samples. Just great! One of my favorite site dude!

p.s. say hello to Zeljko for me.


Esteban Sagrero from USA

Comment: I need help identifing a song but I'm sure you might be able to help me. Great site by the way. I just love the samples.

Alen > Sure, just send me e-mail with mp3.

Tony Tex from South Africa

Comment: What a trip down memory lane!!!! Allot of effort has gone into compiling this comprehensive site. Thanks. Cool site.

Alex from Hungary

Comment: Hi! To want Alan Ross - Valentino Mon Amour, The last Wall Lyrics? Thanks!

Alen > I don't have those lyrics yet...

George from Romania

Comment: Congatulation man! Keep on.

Dado from Swizerland

Comment: Bravo Alene, web stranica ti je fonomenalna. Pozdrav tebi i svim Italo Disco fanovima.

Pepa from Czech

Comment: Stránky jsou zajímavé :-)

Valery from Russia

Comment: Very, very good homepage! People! Help me please! If anybody have "marty brem - do what you do" please give me on email [email protected] jy mp3 format. Thank you very much!

Daniel from Spain

Comment: Very happy to discover this site, I have remembered 20 years ago when we danced Italo music, the best music to dance, now it is so different... Congratulantions, this is the best Italo site! I still remember Discoteca NEW SILVYS in Castelldefels...

Andrey from Ukraine

Comment: Hello Allen,,, Yeah! it's really great work you made for the Cause! Many thanks!

Claudio from Chile

Comment: Lo mejor exelente pagina la mejor musica saludos aa todos los amigos gracias italo.

Lucy from Australia

Comment: You guys are the best you have brought back memories. I only wish icould have all these songs in my collection. So happy i found you. The 80's rule.

Carlos Silva from South Africa

Comment: Perfect. Could not ask for better. Anyone living in SOUTH AFRICA would be able to tell you how hard it is to get these sounds. For mp3 swap in SOUTH AFRICA (011 436 0133).

Ciprian from Romania

Comment: Hello. I'm an old fun of italo-disco music. Your site is very good (design and content). I remembered in your page all songs and artists which you know very good. I have a 33 years old and disco music take my first place on my heart for ever. Go ahead!

Deepdjdanny from Australia

Comment: Excellent, I wanna go back in time...

Daniel from Argentina

Comment: I have just discovered this site, just looking for italo mp3 samples. Even I did not surfed the whole site, I think this is a great site. I really like it, and of course congratulations to the creator, very good work.

Fredrik from Sweden

Comment: Hello! Nice to read the interwiews with great italo icons like Mauro Farina, Koto and others! Memories from the past, it was good times...thanks. /Fred

Zoo-Legenda from Austria

Comment: Save the dance,rules the nation!

Stéphane from Canada, Québec

Comment: Great, great site. I have a lot of song from 80's italo dance but I have only the title or the singer. With your site I can match them. Thanks! And continuous your good work

Chau Duong from USA

Comment: I think it's important to note that a lot of Vietnamese people refer to Italo Disco as "New Wave". While this is entirely incorrect, it should be address as a great many fans of Italo Disco are Vietnamese. Great site btw. Also... I have a collection of over 700 songs... If anybody is interested in trading please e-mail me at [email protected]

Kimmo Parviainen from Finland

Comment: Nice site!! Ciao, Kimmo

P.S.Welcome to visit my website:

George from Greece

Comment: Hi from Greece, I love italo disco and I want to trade with you, please write back soon at [email protected]

Helen from Greece

Comment: Your site my friend is something more than excellent!!!it includes everything one wants to find!!!! Despite the fact that i'm too young-22 to 23-I have listened italodisco since I was a child and that's because of my uncle's cassetes!!
Anyway, we loooooove this music!!!!! Play it loud guys!!!!!We had Trans-X some weeks ago in Athens, and now... Albert One!!!
(anyway, could you find a way that allows us to download the mp3s without disconnecting? And, by the way, there's a problem about the downloading of videoclips, because the programms you advise us to use play only the first video by radiorama!! Am I doing something wrong? Please help me!!!)(-why DYVA is not on the list? Haven't you any of the great songs?-) Thank you for your patience!!!

Alen > Nice to have a girl among Italo fans :) Regarding mp3s - I have only samples on this site, and if you wanna download them you don't have to disconnect. And if you ment mp3s from Forum - I don't upload mp3 there, just videos. If you want to download without disconnecting, use Zshare link instead od Rapidshare... And Videos... If you wanna watch other videos beside the first one, read the line bellow video player - it says that you have to push certain button and you'll see other videos too. And Dyva - their music is simply perfect but they don't have videos, simple as that. Actually I have their megamix and It will be uploaded on Italo Party page when I finish it.

Chris from USA

Comment: I'm glad I found this site, it's helped me alot with infos from the past to current releases. One of the Best site ever created. If Tina Ha ever reads this please contact me [email protected]

Dr. moz from Egypt

Comment: I love italodico the best music ever made , I hear the songs of italodisco even in my dreams great to have italodisco in our life!

Satu from Sweden

Comment: WoW!! I am impressed!! Very nice site! You've done a great job! I'll absolute be back! Many Hugs and Heja Timr! P.S. Where can I find "Latinlover's video Dr Love!? Can you help me?!

Alen > nope friend, I haven't seen it so far, but if you have any other video request, go to our forum...

George from Australia

Comment: Top site,I love it, have to be the best Italo site on the net. Lots of info, good design, easy to follow site. Cool. George-Melbourne-Australia!

Kolega from Mexico City

Comment: I was simply fascinated by this site, the best I have seen in a long time, really appreciate the effort made in this site to keep moving Italo Disco and Hi NRG despite the time, Alan congratulations and greetings to all followers around the world.

Eduard-Petru from Romania

Comment: Hello, big kisses and hugs to all new romantic fans!!! ...and owner of this site, too!!!

Fredrik Lundmark from Sweden

Comment: Hello Italodiscofans. I have been listening to Italo for over 20years and I still love it. It started with Fancy and Scotch in the middle of the 80s. I want to say to every italodisco lover on the planet Merry Christmas. Fredrik from Sweden.

TrendyMessiah from Norway

Comment: Great site and devotion! Nice to meet souls like you. With the right spirit for this music. One thing: isn't it time to upload more midis? I got a couple if you want. Regards from NIVLHEIM, Norway. You can meet me at
Keep up the great work!

Zagi from Croatia

Comment: Great Site! Italo Disco Forever!

Retroman from Croatia

Comment: Nice and good site for all fans italo disco.
Uredjujem i vodim radijsku emisiju posvecenu samo disco glazbi '80.Molim pomoc u razmjeni glazbe tog doba, preporuci web-a. Live stream nedjeljom od 19 h-21,30 h!

Adikto from Mexico

Comment: Excellent site , I love it, italo disco is the best.

Honorabili from USA (Miami, Florida)

Comment: Brilliant! Continue this excellence! :)

Moneytrain - The Voice of Sound from Germany

Comment: Hello, thank you for the download "Video on the Week". Great Page!!!

Claudio1 from ???

Comment: Thank you to have a page Alive coz ITALO never DIE.

Vargha from USA

Comment: This is the best Italo Site on the net. Thanks for all the work and effort you put into keeping this great music alive and available to all the Italo disco fans around the world. Keep up the good work. Italo forever :).

Discoparty from Finland

Comment: 80's ITALO DISCO PARTY at Tampere Finland 07.02.2004. Live on stage GAZEBO!!!! More information email

Erik from Holland

Comment: Do you want to listen to your favorite Italo classics?? Take a look at this site: and choose 'live365' at the left of the screen..tune in!
BTW, Great site!! And remember... Only music survives...

Diego from Colombia

Comment: The best site for HNGR fans, a way to remind very special years. Congratulations!

Stefan from Sweden

Comment: Great site! Don't you have any songs by LABAN? I have "love in siberia" and "caught by surprise".

Gaetano Buda from Italia

Comment: I have a passion from '80 music and video and I want so to dowload music and video from 80. Thank you. 16/01/2004, Buda Gaetano from Turin Italia.

Luis from Argentina

Comment: Realmente son maravillosos, los amo!!!

Hung Chi Le from USA

Comment: Thank You For All The Good Work, This Is The Best Site, Thank You So Much.

André from Brazil

Comment: Este é simplismente o melhor site do mundo!!! This is the best site of the world!!!

Tony from Italy

Comment: Very nice site. I have problems to download your videoclip section. How can I do it? Can we exchange our site banner? Please send me your banner to show it in my site. Ciao, Tony.

Fabian NRG from Mexico

Comment: If you're into the italodisco, get in touch with me , I'd like to get the following themes:
Sex Tonight - Brian Martin, I Know Magica - Magyka, Aa Ee Oo - Krystynna, Red Man- Ken Laszlo, Sherri Mi Sai - Monte Kristo and You're My Satisfaction - Susana Lincke.

Michael Andersson from Sweden

Comment: Hi, I try to do some download, but it only tells me forbidden file, how can I do then. I use opera browser. Thanks Mike.

Piotr from Polska

Comment: Najlepsza strona italo jaka widzia3em. The best site I've ever seen, congratulation!! I wish many many many visitors!!!

Odisseus from Turkey

Comment: At first I have to say, this site is the great environment for the euro-italo fans like me.. Especially the videos you uploaded here are very ecstasyful...!!! I wish you reach the extreme dimensions with this site all around the world. But i have a question: I tried to download other videos here, but I couldn't... What is the reason for this...? Thank you.....

LCDM from Argentina

Comment: Impresionante!!! Este es el mejor sitio que encontré en la red, decir gracias es poco, a los creadores y a todos los amantes de la música Italo Disco de todo el planeta. Por favor, no dejen de existir nunca. Son realmente maravillosos!!!

Soltys from Poland

Comment: Your site is THE BEST SITE OF ITALO DISCO !!! Your download song no 19 is not Lee Young. This is Ric Fellini - Passanger. Bye

Janusz from Poland

Comment: Nice site, beatiful songs, congratulations. I've found most songs of Italo and Euro Disco on your site. Thanks for all. Happy new year.

Logo from Germany

Comment: Hi, Very Great Site. Congratulations. I'm an Italo-Fan from 1967. Greatings...

Michimix from Germany

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