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The World Of Italo Disco Interviews
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Dario.zg Disco Blog
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Singers & Groups

Arrow Bad Boys Blue www.badboysblue.info

Arrow C.C.Catch http://www.cccatch.de/index_ccc.html

Arrow Claudja Barry www.claudjabarry.com

Arrow Den Harrow http://www.denharrow.de

Arrow E.G.Daily http://www.egdaily.com

Arrow Fancy www.fancy-online.net

Arrow Fresh Color www.fresh-color.ch

Arrow Gina T. www.gina-t.com

Arrow Kylie Minugue www.kylie.com

Arrow Linda Jo Rizzo www.lindajorizzo.de

Arrow Linda Jo Rizzo's restaurant www.piazzalinda.de

Arrow Mike Mareen www.mikemareen.de

Arrow Patty Ryan www.patty-ryan.de

Arrow Paul Lekakis www.paullekakis.com

Arrow Righiera www.righeira.com

Arrow Sally Shapiro www.johanagebjorn.info/sally

Arrow Silent Circle hea.iki.rssi.ru/~denis/slntcrcl.html

Arrow Spagna www.ivanaspagna.com

Arrow The Twins www.the-twins.de

Arrow Thomas Anders http://www.thomas-anders.com



Italo Disco Sites

Arrow DiscoImperium www.discoimperium.com

Arrow Eurodance Hits www.eurodancehits.com

Arrow HyperSound www.hypersound.ch

Arrow I Venti d'Azzurro www.iventi.net

Arrow Pzycro Net www.italodance.8m.com

Arrow Scheul www.scheul.de

Arrow SpaceSynth www.spacesynth.net

Arrow The World Of Italo Disco Interviews www.italo-interviews.com



Italo Vinyl/CD Shops



Arrow Melody Maker Records www.melodymaker.nl



Online Radios



Arrow Radio Den Haag (Netherlands) www.radiostaddenhaag.nl

Arrow Fantasy Radio (Netherlands) . www.italo.nu

Arrow Italo Radio (Netherlands) www.italoradio.com

Arrow MNestor Says: SloveniaLive! (Slovenia) www.slovenijanet.com:8000

Arrow Radio Internetnetowe (Poland) www.polskastacja.pl/index.php?details=18

Arrow Club 037 club037.extrablog.net

Arrow Discotheque 80's (Russia) www.101.ru/?an=channel&channel=1

Arrow IDN (Italian Dance Network) (Italy) www.italiandancenetwork.com




Arrow Benvenuto Edizioni www.benvenutoedizioni.com
Another label owned by Roby Benvenuto (remember Gringo?)

Arrow DWA Records www.dwarecords.it
Label from Italy - Alexia, Savage, Double You

Arrow Saifam www.saifam.com/artists.html
Italo Disco label - Ken Laszlo, Radiorama

Arrow TIME Records www.timerec.it
Famous Italian Italo Disco label

Arrow ZYX www.zyx.de
I don't have to say much - everybody knows about it, but they have nothing on the site!