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- songs that have * sign are original and remake in that order, I gotta check up the rest -


Original Version







A View To A Kill Duran Duran []



A View To A Kill Buelo Aris []

A View To A Kill DJ's Factory []


Afrikan Man Hally & Kongo Band [1985]


Jungle Man Veronique [1987]

Somebody In The Sun Noelle Joyceky [1988]

Ali Shuffle Alvin Cash []



Ali Shuffle Camaro's Gang []


Always On My Mind Elvis Presley [1972]


Always On My Mind Pet Shop Boys [1987]

Doch Ich Habe Dich Geliebt Grant Miller [1990]

Doch Ich Habe Dich Geliebt Fancy [2003]


Angelina Angeleyes Rex



Angelina Angel Eyes Disco Digitale


Around My Dream Silver Pozzoli [1985]


Around My Dream Miko Mission [?]

Around My Dream Kazino [1985]

Around My Dream Alan Cook [2010]

Around My Dream Mr. Dream


Automatic Lover Sylvia [1978]


Automatic Lover Dee D. Jackson [1978]

Automatic Lover Robot [1978]

Automatic Lover Max Gang [1987]

Automatic Lover (Part 1) Wish [1983]

Automatic Lover (Part 2) Wish [1983]

Automatic Lover Savino


Bad Romance Lady Gaga



Bad Romance (Italo Disco Style 80's Remix) Lady Gaga


Come Prima
Cuando Ciliente El Sol
Una Lacrima Sul Viso
Che Sara
Quando, Quando
O, Sole Mio
Ciao, Ciao Bambina


* Balla Balla Vol. 1 Francesco Napoli [1987]

Buona Sera
Marina - Rocco Granata [1959]
Chariot (La Luna)
Una Festa Sui Prati
Il Mondo
Cin Cin (Cheat Cheat)
La Lontananza
Arrivederci Roma


* Balla Balla Vol. 2 Francesco Napoli [1987]


Hey Jude
Get Back
Back In The U.S.S.R.
I Want To Hold Your Hand
Obladi' Oblada'
I Saw Her Standing There
Hello Goodbye


  Sing The Beatles Radiorama []
Black Is Black Los Bravos [1966] *

Black Is Black Belle Epoque [1976]

Black Is Black Joy [1986]


Blue Monday New Order *

Blue Monday First Order [1984]

Blue Monday Tommy B.

Love Reaction Divine [1983]

I Can't Get You Out Of My Had Kylie Minogue (Blue Monday Remix) [?]


Body Heat Fockewulf 190 [1984] *

Body Heat Fred Ventura, Alden Tyrell & I-F [2006]


Bolero Fancy



Bolero Soraya Arnelas


Boom Boom (Let's Go Back To My Room) Paul Lekakis [1986]



Bam Bam Bam (I Came Here To Jam) Left Lane [1987]


Born To Be Alive Patrick Hernandez [1978] *

Born To Be Alive Rick Summer [1979]

Born To Be Alive Disco Connection [1983]

Born To Be Alive Mark Jefferis [1986]

Born To Be Alive Frank Raja []

Born To Be Alive Kelly Marie []

Born To Be Alive & You Make Me Feel Reaction []

Born To Be Alive Saragossa Band []

Born To Be Alive Wind []


Born To Be Wild Steppenwolf



Born To Be Wild Jo Carol Block


Call My Name Lisa G.



Hay Den Voi Em Giang Ngoc


Caravan Of Love Isley Jasper Isley [1985]



Caravan Of Love Jacky Dean Foundation [1987]


Cecilia Simon & Garfunkel [1970]


* Cecilia Mike Mareen [1983]

Charlene Roxanne [1985]



Charlene Roxanne (Deutsche Version) []

Charlene Bad Boys Blue [1987]

Charlene Xanadu


Cheri Cheri Lady - Modern Talking



Cheri Cheri Lady - Vocal Control


Chinese Eyes Fancy [1984]



Chinese Eyes Ago [1985]


Colder Than Ice Fancy [1985]



Colder Than Ice Grant Miller [1985]


Danger The Flirts



Danger Fire And Ice [1987]

Danger TQ


Deliverance People Like Us [1986] *

Deliverance Tom Carabba []

Deliverance Angie Gold [2012]


Desire Roni Griffith [1982] *

Desire Yoh Yo [1987]

Desire Damir K. Rogina Feat. Suzi []


Dial My Number Romano Bais [1985]  

Dial My Number The Back Bag [1985]

Dial My Number Lolly Peterson [1986]


Diamond Via Verdi [1985]



Diamond P4F [1986]


Diamonds Never Made A Lady Modern Talking [1984]



Diamonds Never Made A Lady Lift Up [1985]


Din Daa Daa George Kranz []



Din Da Da D.J. Division []


Do Wah Diddy Diddy The Exciters [1963] *

Do Wah Diddy Diddy A La Carte [1980]


Do You Wanna Funk Sylvester [1982] *

Do You Wanna Funk Lian Ross [1987]

Do You Wanna Funk Man 2 Man & Armand Zone []

Jump To The Music Lilac


Doctor For My Heart Grant Miller [1986]



Doctor For My Heart Modern Talking [1987]


Dolce Vita Ryan Paris  

Dolce Vita F. Fellini [1983]


Don't Leave Me This Way Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes  *

Don't Leave Me This Way Communards

Don't Leave Me This Way Slip


Don't Take My Coconuts Kid Creole And The Coconuts [1983]



Don't Take My Coconuts Hannas [1983]


Don't Talk About It Swan []



Don't Talk About It Gurcan Erdem []


Drunken Sailor (no original artist, this version is by) The Irish Rovers [] *

What Shall We Do with a Drunken Sailor Dschinghis Khan []

What Shall We Do With A Drunken DJ The Radio Pirates [1987]


Fantasy Lian Ross



Fantasy May Day (1985)


Fighting For Our Lives Shiraz [1984]

Shiraz was an 80's Hi-NRG Disco studio group that was the brainchild of producers Paul Crossley and Terry Owen (People Like Us). The singer of the band was Marshall Harmse.

The song "Fighting For Our Lives" addressed the HIV/Aids pandemic that was starting to become a widespread disease during 1984 when the song was released. It was said that Passion Records UK did not want to push the band because of Marshall’s heavy South African accent, and thanks to this, Crossley and Owen would later start another South African group People Like Us (featuring vocalist Cindy Dickinson) specifically to deal with this issue. In 1987, People Like Us covered the Shiraz song "Fighting For Our Lives" when the song was finally released, 3 years later in the UK. Shiraz's "Fighting For Our Lives" was remixed by Canada's Vincent Degiorgio and was intended to be released on the Power Record label. Contractually, it had been committed to Unidisc offshoot, Edzna Records. Produced by "Man Alive Productions", printed on the record sleeve is the message..

"A donation from the proceeds of this record will be made to the AIDS Council to be used in the provision of counselling and emergency accommodation for AIDS suffers who are rejected by family and friends."
Shiraz co-founder and "Fighting For Our Lives" composer Paul Crossley, died of an AIDS related illness on 6 August 1989.



Fighting For Our Lives People Like Us [1987]

Fighting For Our Lives Angie Gold [2012]

Freak It Out, Freak It In Michael Bow [1986]



She Freaks Out On The Floor Tavares []


Follow Me Amanda Lear [1978]



Follow Me Real Man


Follow Me Liza Mancini [1987]



Mira Me Regina [1989]


For Your Love Airplay [1985]



For Your Love Bad Boys Blue [1985]


Foreign Affair Mike Oldfield [1983]



Tubular Affair Samoa Park [1983]

Affair A Gogo Cruisin' Gang


Gentle Wind Elite []



Cought By Surprise Laban []


Get Closer Valerie Dore


  Get Closer Starcluster and Marc Almond
Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight) Abba [] *

Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) Erasure []

Hung Up Madonna []


Gimme Some Lovin' Spencer Davis Group [1967]



Gimme Some Loving Fun Fun [1987]


Happy Song Baby's Gang [1983]



Happy Song Boney M [1984]


Heart Of Glass Blondie []



Heart Of Glass (Live In Oxford ) Erasure []

Heart Of Glass Rebel Kim [1987]


Heaven Is In The Backseat Of My Cadillac Hot Chocolate [1976]



Heaven Is... (In The Back Seat Of My Cadillac) Patricia Harris [1984]


Hello (Is An Easy Word To Say) Kim Davis [1986]



Michelle (My Sexy Girl) Marc Stevens [1988]

Im Traum Samanta


Helpless The Flirts



Helpless Laura Braningan

Helpless Fresh Color


Heroes David Bowie [1977]



Heroes Big Ben Tribe [1983]


Hey Tonight Creedence Clearwater Revival []



Hey Tonight The Helicopter []


Holiday Madonna [1983] *

Holiday Rap M. C. Miker "G" & Deejay Sven ]1986]


Hot Stuff Donna Summer



Hot Stuff Boys From Brasil

Hot Stuff Samantha Fox

Hot Stuff Barbie

Hot Stuff June Grand


How Old Are You Miko Mission [1984]


How Old Are You T. Ark [1988]


(I Just) Died In Your Arms Cutting Crew [1986]



I Just Died In Your Arms Savage [1989]


I'll Go Away Dem Caridi [1983]



I'll Go Where I Like To Go Rambles [1984]

I Want To Know The World D. Carred [1985]


I'm Not Scared Eighth Wonder [1988]



I'm Not Scared Pet Shop Boys [1988]


I'm Your Boogie Man KC & the Sunshine Band



I'm Your Boogieman! Digital Game [1983]


I Am Your Believer Silent Circle [1989]



I Am Your Believer Bad Boys Blue [1990]


I Feel Love - Donna Summer []



I Feel Love - Jimmy Somerville & Marc Almond []


I Hear You Knocking Smiley Lewis [1955]



I Hear You Knocking Hot Line


I Was Made For Loving You Kiss [1979] *

I Was Made For Loving You The Nasty Boys [1986]

I Was Made For Loving You Roman Romance


I Will Survive Gloria Gaynor [1978]



I Will Survive Boytronic [1987]

I Will Survive Donna Summer [] ?

I Will Survive Hermes House Band [] ??


In The Summer Time Mungo Jerry



In The Summer Rick Jack [1987]


In The Year 2525 Zager And Evans [1969]



In The Year 2525 Vanilla [1986]


Jeans On David Dundas [1976] *

Jeans On Shipra


Jump In My Car Secret Star [1986]



Jump In My Car C. C. Catch [1986]


Just Dance Shakira



Just Dance She Wolf (Echenique's Italo Disco Mixy) Miko Mission, Lady Gaga, Shakira


Kalimba De Luna Tony Esposito



Kalimba De Luna Boney M.

Kalimba De Luna Pepe Goes To Cuba


Keep On Calling Me Back First Option [1984]



Keep On Calling Me Back Maxine D [1985]


Korea Lesli Mandoki


  Korea Shohjyo-Tai

Kimi Gasuki The Optimal [1984]



Kimi Gasuki Ngoc Lan [?]


La Cage Aux Folles Le Jete [1983]



Ko Nekad U Osam ZZ Up [1985]


La Donna E Mobile (Rigoletto) Giuseppe Verdi [1851]


* La Donna Amadeus Liszt [1986]

La Isla Bonita Madonna [1986]



La Isla Bonita Lucia [1986]


Lady Valentine Monte Kristo [1986]  

Lady Valentine (Jean-Luc) Drion [1986]

Lady Valentine Jessica []


Lay All Your Love On Me Abba [1980] *

Lay All Your Love On Me Poison Nr. 9 [1986]

Lay All Your Love On Me Erasure []


Let The Night Take The Blame Lorraine McKane []



Let The Night Take The Blame 501's []


Letter From My Heart Steve Allen

This song was a creation of Mauro Malavasi. He decided to use two different lyrics sets: one for the local market, trying to break through at the Sanremo festival, and one for the international / discotheques market. He had two different singers, an Italian one (Fabio Vanni) and an English one (Steve Allen), in order to avoid problems with foreign accents.


* Lei Balla Sola Fabio Vanni [1984]

Life Is Life Opus


  Life Is Life Stargo

Lili Marlen (Das Mädchen Unter Der Laterne) Lale Andersen [1939]


  Lili Marlen Energy SS [1991]
Living On Video Trans-X *

Vivre Sur Video Vive La Fête


Locomotive Breath Jethro Tull *

Locomotive Breath Cat Gang [1983]


Lonely Weekend Bad Boys Blue [1988]



Lonely Weekend The Searchers [1989]


Lost In Love Evelyn Smith



Crocodiles In The Sky The Parallax Corporation


Love & Desire Gina Desire [1987]



Love & Desire The Flirts [1992]


Love Insurance Front Page [1979]


  Love Insurance Krukutz [1984]

Love Is In The Air John Paul Young [1977]



Love Is In The Air Steve Allen


Love Is Like A Game Hot Cold [1985]



Love Is Like A Game Tracy Spencer [1986]


Love Is Like An itching In My Heart The Supremes


Love Is Like An itching In My Heart Lisa

Love Is Like An itching In My Heart Cijay


Love Reaction Divine [1983]



Love Reaction The Flirts [1983]


Love Really Hurts Without You Billy Ocean



Love Really Hurts Without You Bad Boys Blue


Lovegame Lady Gaga


* Lovegame (Italo Disco Remix) Lady Gaga
Lucky Guy Modern Talking [1984]  

Lucky Guy Ryan Simmons [1984]

Lucky Guy Heaven Knows


Mad Desire Den Harrow


 * Mad Desire Lawrence Vill [1991]
Magic Fly Space [1977]  *

Magic Fly Hypersonic [1985]


Mamy Blue Ivana Spagna



Mammy Blue Slip


Marinero Lucia []



Marinero Milva []


Menergy Patrick Cowley [1981]



Menergy Patrick Cowley & Sylvester [1981]


Mind Over Matter Nikki Leeger



Mind Over Matter Debbie Harry [1987]
Debbie recorded this song for the movie Summer School. However, she left the record label before the soundtrack was released, so E.G. Daily re-recorded the song and her version was released in 1987.

Mind Over Matter E. G. Daily [1987]


Mise Au Point Jackie Quartz []



Mise Au Point Jolie []


Monster Lady Gaga & Rihanna



Monster (M. D. Project Italo Disco Mirazh Style Remix) Lady Gaga & Rihanna


Moonlight Affair Cliff Turner [1986]



Moonlight Affair Silent Circle [1987]


Motorcycle Madness Tony Caso [1986]



Love Spy Mike Mareen [1986]


My Girl Otis Redding



My Girl 1 Plus 1

Needles And Pins Jackie DeShannon [1963]



Needles And Pins Charleene [1987]


Never Can Say Goodbye Jackson 5


* Never Can Say Goodbye The Communards

Night Girl Brian Ice



Night Girl Night People [1987]

Night Girl Mark Hilton


No Regrets Edith Piaf


  No Regrets Bad Boys Blue

Not Fair Lily Allen



Not Fair (Italo Disco Version) Lily Allen


Oh L'Amour Erasure [1986]



Oh L'Amour Dollar [1987]


One For You, One For Me La Bionda



Chant For You Gazuzu [1988]


OOh, No Not The Beast Day Marsha Hunt []



The Beast Day Camaro's Gang [1985]


Oxygene Jean Michel Jarre [1976]



Oxygene Hypnosis [1983]


Paint It Black - The Rolling Stones



Paint It Black - Human Beat


Paradise Is Half As Nice Copy-Right [1985] *

Dance Department Paradise []


Paradise Mi Amor Lune De Miel [1984] *

Paradise Mi Amor Vanilla [1985]

Paradise Mi Amor Paradiso [1985]


Paris Latino Bandolero [1983]



Monkey Latino Samoa Park [1983]


Passion The Flirts [1982] *

Passion Sequen-Sync

Passion Linda Jo Rizzo [1988]


Penguin's Invasion Scotch [1983]



Penguin's Invasion D. Twins [1993]


People From Ibiza Sandy Marton [1984]


* People From Ibiza Malvaho [1985]

Please Don't Go KC & the Sunshine Band



Please Don't Go Digital Game [1985]


Poker Face Lady Gaga



Poker Face (Italo Disco Remix 2012) Lady Gaga


Popcorn Gershon Kingsley [1969] *

Popcorn Hot Butter [1972]

Popcorn Jean Michel Jarre [1972]

Popcorn Popcycles [1982]

Popcorn Magic Men [1983]

Popcorn M&H Band [1988]


Pulstar Vangelis [1976]



Pulstar Hipnosis [1984]


Queen Of The Night Camomilla [1985]



Ash Tiziana Rivale []

Quibos Quibos [1987]  

Take Me Mr. Love Spy 71 [1987]

Take Me Mr. Love Eva [1987]

Quibos Joe & Umberto [1989]


Rasputin Boney M [1978]



Run To The Sun Max Coveri [1986]


Relight My Fire Dan Hartman [1979] *

Relight My Fire Café Society [1984]


Rent Pet Shop Boys



Rent M-Energy Brothers [2013]


Resurrection People Like Us [1988]



Resurrection Angie Gold [2012]


Roadhouse Blues The Doors [1970]



Roadhouse Blues Max Him []


Rock Me Amadeus Falco


* Luggi, Luggi, Ludwig Elvin
Robot Is... Message From The Future [1982] *

Robot Is Systematic 'Lectric Workers [1982]
(same group, changed name)


Rock Your Baby George McCrae [1974] *

Rock Your Baby Disco Connection [1982]

Rock Your Baby O'Chi Brown [1987]

Rock Your Baby Fascination


Ryan Dalmini Run To Me [1985]  

Run To Me Ray Foster [1985]

Run To Me Tracy Spencer [1985]


S.O.S. (Love To The Rescue) Dee. D. Jackson



S.O.S. (Love To The Rescue) Kelly Moore


Sail Away Grant Miller [1989]



Sail Away Fancy []


Scandal Eyes Fesh [1986]



Scandal Eyes Casablanca [1986]


Sealed With A Kiss Bobby Vinton [1972]


Sealed With A Kiss (Italo Disco Remix) Bobby Vinton

Sealed With A Kiss Jason Donovan


Self Control Raff [1984] *

Self Control Laura Braningan [1984]

Samokontrola Elvira Voca [1984]

Self Control Rap Dr. Felix & M.M. Band []

Self Control Foolish Mind Featuring Ellice [1988]

Self Control Monique

Self Control Soraya

Self Control B Staff


Shanghaied 'Lectric Funk



Shang-Haied S4-You


She Has A Way Bobby Orlando [1982] *

She Has A Way Mister Black [1989]

She has a way - The Caleps


She's Number One Make Up [1985]  

He's Number One Fantasy [1985]


Shine On You Crazy Diamond Pink Floyd []



Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Medley Of Pink Floyd) Floyd Parson []


Shy Girl Silent Circle



Shy Girl June Grand


Shy Shy Sugarman Jack's Project []



Shy Shy Sugarman Andrea Jürgens []

Shy Shy Sugarman Secret Star [] ?


Somebody To Love The Great Society



Somebody To Love Café Society [1984]

Somebody To Love Paul Parker


Soulful Dynamics
Mademoiselle Ninette
Happy Oh Song
Hey Song
Coconuts From Congoville
Jungle People
Saah Saah Kumbah Kumbah



Golden Hits Of Soulful Dynamics Andy Anderson []


Souvenir Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark [1981] *

Souvenir Nicky & Nicky [1983]

Souvenir Saxophone


Starman David Bowie [1972] *

Star [Star (Robyx) Medley With Starman (Bowie)] Claudio Mingardi [1984]

Starman Miko Mission [1983] ?

Starman Loopside [1984]


Stay Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs [1960] *

Stay (David) Marx & (Tracy) Spencer [1983]

Stay (Matiz Remix) - (David) Marx & (Tracy) Spencer [1986]


Step By Step Silver Pozzoli [1985]



Step By Step Taffy [1987]


Strangers From The Light Baltinore [1985]



Strangers In The Light FIP Projekt [1987]

Sprint Amadeus Liszt [1989]


S.T.O.P. Samantha Gilles



Boom Boom (Let's Go Back To My Room) Paul Lekakis


Sunny Marvin Gaye [1966]



Sunny Boney M. []


Suspicious Minds Elvis Presley [1969]



Suspicious Minds Bobby Orlando [1988]


Sweets For My Sweet The Searchers [1963]



Sweets For My Sweet Chriss [1986]


Take A Chance Material [1982]



Take A Chance Mr. Flagio [1983]


Take A Chance Abba []



Take A Chance On Me Erasure [1992]


Take The Love Lime [1986]



Take The Love R. Bais [1986]


Tarzan Boy Baltimora []



Tarzan Boy Ken Laszlo []


Tequila The Champs [1958]



Tequila Bo Boos [1982]


That's the Way (I Like It) KC & the Sunshine Band [1975]


That's the Way (I Like It) Dead or Alive [1984]


Touch Me Samantha Fox



Touch Me (Alternative Version) Samantha Fox

Touch Me Devorah Sasha


The Flash Flash Back Band []



The Flash The Duke Of Burlington [1983]


The Girl Of Lucifer Monte Kristo [1985]



The Girl Of Lucifer Casablanca [1986]


The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Ennio Morricone



The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Erasure


The Letter The Box Tops []



The Letter Gomez Presley []


The Night Azul Y Negro



The Night Shezoray [1986]


The Night Is Yours, The Night Is Mine Modern Talking [1985]



The Night Is Yours, The Night Is Mine Ryan Simmons [1985]


The Years Fred Ventura [1984]


  I Love The Night Den Harrow [1988]
Toledo Girl Little Jack Jingle [1984]  *

Toledo Girl Cosa Rosa [1986]


Toute Premiere Fois Jeanne Mas [1984]


* Tony Beverly Into The Night [1984]
Trojan Horse Luv *

Hello Twinkle

Ma Daj Opusti Se Dolores

Uberi Ljubicu Minea


Twistin' The Night Away Sam Cooke [1962]


* Twistin' The Night Away Divine [1985]
Two Of Hearts Sue Gatlin *

Two Of Hearts Stacey Q [1986]

Two Of Hearts Robby Hood And The Much More [1986]

Two Of Hearts Christina [1987]

Two Of Hearts Yoko Nagayama


U.S.S.R. Eddy Huntington



U.S.S.R. Newton Family

U.S.S.R. Linda Jo Rizzo


Under The Boardwalk The Drifters [1964]



Under The Boardwalk Bad Boys Blue [1992]


Under The Ice Topo & Roby [1985]


Under The Ice Jap'o [1987]


Venus Shocking Blue [1970]



Venus Bananarama [1986]


Victim Of Love David Essex



Victim Of Love Savino & David Essex


Voulez-Vous Abba


* Voulez-Vous Erasure

Voyage Voyage Desireless



Vuela Vuela Magneto


Walk Like A Man Frankie Valli And The Four Seasons [1962]



Walk Like A Man Divine [1985]

Walk Like A Man Man 2 Man


Walk On The Wild Side Lou Reed [1972] *

Take a Walk on the Wild Side Duffo [1981]


Warrior Riky Maltese [1986]



Warrior Radiorama [1987]


Whatever I Do Hazell Dean


* Whatever I Do Laura Braningan
When You Walk In The Room Jackie DeShannon [1963] *

When You Walk In The Room Ramming Speed


With A Girl Like You The Troggs [1966]



With A Boy Like You Chriss [1987]


What A Feeling Irene Cara []



What A Feeling Brenda Howens []


Whacha Gonna Do Radiorama



Whacha Gonna Do Mark Jay [1985]


Walk In The Room The Searchers


  Walk In The Room Ramming Speed
Where Were You Last Night Ankie Bagger [1989]  *

Where Were You Last Night Tracey Cole (Mike Coppock Mix) [2006]

Where Were You Last Night Tracey Cole (Load This Mix) [2006]


Who's Your Boyfriend Eric


 * Who's Your Boyfriend X-plosion

Women Run The World Power And Passion [1988]



Harmony Mind In Motion [1989]

All Around The World Ted Wesley [1990]


Woodpeckers From Space Video Kids [1984]



Woodpeckers From Space Café Society [1985]


Yiasou Curacao []



Yiasou Mariko []


You & Me Laserdance *

You & Me Galactic Warriors


You Make Me Feel Sylvester []




Born To Be Alive & You Make Me Feel Reaction []

You Make Me Feel Lorain And Speakers


You Shot A Hole In My Soul C. C. Catch []



You Shot A Hole In My Soul Lilian []


You Should Be Dancing Bee Gees [1979]



You Should Be Dancing Sky Creackers [1983]


You Spin Me Round Dead Or Alive [1984] *

You Spin Me Round Roger Lee [1990]

Begin To Spin Me Round Dani Minogue [2003]


You Think You're A Man Divine [1984] *

You Think You're A Man Diskofil

You Think You're A Man Angie Gold [2012]


You're A Woman Bad Boys Blue



You're A Woman Ken Laszlo


You're My Heart, You're My Soul Modern Talking [1984] *

You're My Heart, You're My Soul Creative Connection [1985]

You're My Heart, You're My Soul Lian Ross []

You're My Heart, You're My Soul (Vietnam Version) Thuy Vi []

Il Mio Cuore, Il Tuo Cuore Piero Ipazio [1986]